Thursday, October 1, 2009

This better not be my midlife crisis....

...because I want to live past the age of 60, but I there have been a lot of big life changes happening this week:

1) I have given up on the CPA Exam (for now, maybe forever). My boss was really understanding and supportive about it, thank God!

2) I signed Phil and I up for a 10 K race at a local YMCA on October 17th. I can easily run this distance, but I've never been in a race before.

3) We were denied approval to buy the condo we currently rent. We had been approved to buy a house for much more than we were going to buy the condo for, but due to the low appraisal value, and the strict condo/down payment rules, it just didn't work out for us. In a way, I am relieved as the mortgage/taxes/insurance would have been an extra $600 per month.

4) I joined Weight Watchers. I'm gonna start for real on Monday. I don't have tons of weight to lose, but I'd like to lose about 10% of my body weight. I exercise a lot, but the diet side of being healthy has always been really hard for me. Hopefully this is the motivation I need.

Anyone else dealing with this type of life re-evaluation? Is it just because I'm thirty? Is it that I'm finally realizing I can't say "Yes" to everything? Is it my "momma bear" mode coming on? Who knows? But I'm trying to role with it through prayer and perseverance.


  1. I'm sorry. Life has been a little up and down around here too, and for the first time in a long time, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at times. I'm so happy that your boss was understanding about the exam. The last thing you need is another worry.

  2. WOW! you can easily run 10 miles.. i'm so very jealous... and totally impressed and happy for you!

  3. whoa. That's a lot of stuff in a week! How do you keep rolling with all of that? Are you 30 like me? Okay, I confess, I'll actually be 3-1 in a couple of weeks. (yikes) I'm just trying to keep on rolling with infertility and homeschooling. Quite the combo, huh? Is that a paradox? LOL. I just made myself chuckle at that one-infertility and homeschooling. I've gotta be like 1 in 1 million homeschooling mom to have that problem. Ha.
    (Okay, I'll stop rambling now on your comments...sorry Colleen!)

  4. Your race will be awesome - I can't wait to hear about it! and I can totally relate to the weight. 10% of my body weight would be AWESOME to lose, I'm shooting for 5 & struggling. (however I'm much closer to 40 than 30!) The condo deal is a bummer, but everything happens for a reason. You just may not see it yet.

  5. Amazing! I am impressed by your running stamina, especially after keeping up with the kids all day and working - or do you usually run in the morning?

    Thanks for visiting my blog - I love yours, too! Your family is beautiful and so is your sense of humor!


  6. Weight Watchers...Yay for you. I've done it and I believe in it!

    and the race...that is so great! I'm running my 10k this month.

    I posted some before and afters of myself if you want to see them!

    Keep us posted on the race and WW!

    Have a great night!

  7. Not you midlife crisis. yet. If it is, then you have farther to go. :)
    Don't worry. All is good.
    If you can run that far? You can do more than most folks I know. :)
    thank you for your kind words!!
    Have a nice weekend with your family.

  8. Colleen...if you have already figured out that you can't say YES to everything at age 30...YOU ARE WAY AHEAD OF THE GAME MY FRIEND!
    GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!

  9. You don't know me, but I've started fallowing your blog since reading about it in FF... Anyway, I was just going to say that the last few weeks I've decided that I am way too busy and can't focus on the kids like I want... I'm 31... I cut some of my volunteering, but am thinking I may need to cut more, as important as service is, my kids are my first vocation (well my hubby too).

  10. 30?
    Okay I won't tease you.
    I do remember feeling that way and you are smart to take care of your health NOW because it is no joke that later you will not be able to diet and take off weight as easily.
    I didn't really believe it, but it's very real.


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