Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gratituesday: LaSalette

Last weekend, we all went to the Shrine at LaSalette to see all the beautiful Christmas lights display. This place is awesome, and it's a yearly tradition for our family. We like to go right after Thanksgiving so it's not freezing out yet, and it gets us into the Christmas spirit.
The kids are always delighted to see the 300,000 lights and since it is a Catholic shrine, the emphasis is on the true meaning of Christmas, so a Nativity takes center stage, not Santa.
Here's some pictures of the evening:

This is a view from across the pond at the Rosary walk. Mary is the statue lit up in the center. And below is Mary up close. Although Eamon did call her a Native American :)

I think if these trees were closer together and a little smaller, this would make such a cute Christmas card!

The next two pictures are of Eamon and then Maggie sitting on the donkey with Mary while a statue of Joseph leads the way. We always sit the little kids right up there with Mary and snap a picture before we get in trouble!
My parents came along too, and everyone posed in front of the Nativity.
(Eamon is making friends with the random little boy next to him)

Don't be sad, Mary, it's your feast day today!


  1. looks like a nice place. cute pics too.

  2. This looks like a great family Christmas tradition! I agree, if those trees were closer together, it would have been a perfect Christmas card picture!!

  3. love the sneaky donkey picture!

  4. I would love this place!! That is gorgeous and looks like so much fun. What a wonderful family tradition.

    And, I agree, the photo of the kids in the trees would be so perfect for a Christmas card.

    Thanks for sharing the photos. I enjoyed them and reading about the Shrine.

  5. I love that place, we went there years ago before we had kids. We have to try to come out some year. Looks like your kiddos had a ball! Love that picture with the kids & trees.

  6. What beautiful pictures! And what a gorgeous place!

  7. LOVE these pictures! What a gift to go there and have such a great tradition!!!

  8. beautiful pics... what a lovely looking place too!!!

  9. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures with us.

    My brother and I went to Mass tonight and I prayed (offered the Mass) for you and your loved ones. :)

    Stay warm and have a happy week.

  10. What a great place to celebrate the season!

  11. Our church is Our Lady of LaSalette. Love her!

  12. Gotta' love "random little boys"...I'll never forget the time that my whole family was at Mass...and my husband, who'd gone to the back for a moment with the baby...came back with TWO children...one of whom was not OURS...he smiled and mouthed the words to me "Do you have any idea who this is?" Fortunately, I did...and thus our little friend decided to sit with us for the rest of the Mass ... I just thought it was so cute that my husband carried him and cared for him so lovingly when he didn't even know who he was...apparently the Mom of said "random child" had whispered to my husband "he wants to sit with you guys...is that ok?"
    I guess he had seen ALL the kids in our pew and wanted to join the fun!!!
    Anyway, your photos are lovely...glad you enjoyed your special family time!


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