Monday, December 7, 2009

A Tarnished Tiger

I was listening to the radio this morning as they talked about Tiger Woods scandal. And yes, it IS a scandal.
The co-hosts were discussing whether or not they were surprised to find out that Tiger had cheated on his wife:

Mr. Radio Man said (I'm paraphrasing) "Well if you had asked me a week ago, I would've been shocked, but now this has become they new norm for Tiger. He's a cheater." Ms. Radio Woman said "I agree, c'mon he's a professional athlete...we shouldn't be shocked that he's not faithful to his wife."

Are they for real? Does nobody remember their marriage vows? The promise to be good times and bad...for better or for worse. Who cares if he is a professional athlete or a truck driver, he is still a MARRIED man!

She continued: "However I am shocked that he was so sloppy about the whole thing. I mean, if you're gonna cheat on your wife, you at least pick women who don't work the club scene, aren't in it for the money, and can keep a secret. And don't call them and text them from your cell phone."

What?!?! SO now we're going to say that he picked the wrong women to have affairs. How about that is was wrong that he picked ANY woman at all to have an affair?

Mr. Radio Man added, "I watch golf all the time, and I'm not surprised their marriage didn't last. Elin was almost never at his golf tournaments and she just seemed chilly."

Seriously, people? Instead of being SHOCKED that any man would cheat on his wife, we are justifying this particular man's behavior by blaming his wife's absenteeism at events? How about the fact that she was at home with their two small children????

And as for Tiger saying that he wants to keep this matter private - how about keeping your privates private. What a disappointment.


  1. Great picture! Sad (that this happens in life) but true post.

  2. It seems he is just status quo. Marriage is not respected by nearly enough people these days. It is dissapointing. Do you ever read the birth announcements in your newspaper...over half are non married couples. I seriously think that in another 50 years, marriage will be a thing of the past...very sad.

  3. i didn't even know he was married or had kids.

    my SIL works at Stanford in the golf department and knew him for the many years there. the picture she painted of him was always positive. yeah... I am shocked about all this. He never seemed the type to me to do this stuff. But I guess I do balme it on society in a way... cheating is normal, marriage is not, being faithful to your spouse is even more unheard of....its all very sad.

  4. I could not agree more. It is so sad that marriage isn't taken seriously anymore. It shouldn't matter what your career, vows are vows. The worst part . . . the justification. I *hate* that. It is simply not justifiable.

  5. Well said!!!! [claps] Isnt just so sad that society doesn't take marriage seriously anymore? Cheating cannot be matter what!

  6. Amen! Media-Shmedia. I get so sick of their point of view.

    As your post popped up in my Google Reader, in my News section an article with this title also popped up "Tiger's sex drive is above par". Oh, enough already! I know I heard last week on some talk show how they were rationalizing all of the 'celebrities' that have been 'out-ed' this year and comparing David Letterman and the like. And even dared to say that Letterman's was SO different, because, well, he wasn't actually married at the time.

    Oh sure, then no one has to be faithful to anyone. Well, then why should it be different when they are married? Goodness gracious.

    Agree, where is the sacredness of marriage any more??!!

  7. You know, this has been on my mind since it broke in the news. He has completely humiliated his wife and I'm not surprised at all she went after him with a golf club; I read somewhere that 'celebrities' ARE different from the rest of us in that they are narcissistic and do whatever feels good at the time. Whatever. What really gets me is how calculated it all was - it's not like he fell in love with someone else - and obviously he got away with it for years before it came out. If the count is up to 4, I wonder if there will be any more. and I'm thinking the Woods home will be a chilly place for a while...

  8. Oh I so agree with you! I'm shocked that those Dj's were essentially giving tips on how to be a better cheater!! Who to cheat with and how to contact them. For shame.

  9. i completely agree.. it somewhat disgusts me actually...

    and my hubbys heart has TOTALLY been broke.. he used to adore tiger.. not any longer though..

  10. Funny picture, disappointing topic. Marriage--and staying married--are a choice. Thank God I'm married to Jeremy! :S

  11. That is so horrible! I so agree with you, marriage should be respected. If people wont be faithful, then they shouldn't get married.

    Sooo sad. :(

  12. You know how I feel about it! :)

  13. I couldn't agree more. I hate to even hear about celebrities.


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