Monday, February 8, 2010

Best Super Bowl Commercial

Between talking with friends (we had about 20 people over) and eating my way through the piles of food, I actually got to see a few commercials last night. This was my favorite one. (Of course it was, because it has babies in it!):

What was your favorite commerical of the night?


  1. I missed that one...just too funny: "milka what??"
    I liked the beer/bridge was pretty clever and silly.

  2. We didn't watch the Super Bowl, but I heard there was a great pro-life commercial with Tim Tebow. Was it good?

  3. Haha! I really liked that one and the human bridge one too, but I think my favorite one was the Dove for Men commercial. "Be comfortable in the skin you're in." Classic!

  4. yesssssss!!

    that was the one i picked too.. i loved it, made hubby rewind and let us watch it about 3 times, lol!!

    i also like the one with the dog, the shock collar, and the doritos... so funny!

    and thnks.. glad you liked my new layout, i'm actually pretty pleased with how it turned out and will def keep it a while.. to see where it came from you can follow the links at the bottom of the page!!

  5. The Pro-Life commercial was a big flop in my opinion. The only reason I knew it was a pro-life commercial is because I live in a very Libral city and many people were all up in arms abt the commercial before it even aired. If I did not hear the compliants I never would have known what it was. Tim's mom was holding a picture of him and said how she worried about him as a baby and she still worries about him as an adult, he almost didn't make it. Sounded like she was talking about a premie. Then there was a website and it said celebrate family, celebrate life. Most ppl probably didn't even realize it was a pro-life ad.
    My favorite commercial was the one advertising The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!!! I can't wait to go to that theme park!! :-)

  6. I found you over at Busy Bee Suz's. My favorite Super Bowl commercial was the one with Betty whitel I think it was the Snicker's commercial. The Tebow spot was awesome too.

  7. Oh I loved that one! Loved the little boy who was all defensive about his Doritos and his Mom too:)

  8. Love that!!! So funny!


  9. Too cute. I didn't see any of the game or the commercials. I keep hearing the dorito one was good.


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