Friday, February 5, 2010

Hi Lo: February 5th


1) Went out to dinner on Wed night with the family. We were able to get 6 meals, complete with drinks and dessert for under $30. The restaurant has a $1.99 kid's meal special every Wednesday. They probably groan when they see us coming with 4 kids in tow, but hey, we gotta take advantage!!

2) I get a kick out of every one's comments - especially those of you who are speculating that I'm pregnant. I'm NOT. But I definitely am getting baby fever again. I've had a bad case of baby fever before: from the age of 2 until 24, when I had my very own! Then, instead of having baby fever, I just had babies. But now my baby is 2, and the fever has returned :)

3) Abby is home from the hospital, all re-hydrated and feeling better. She is still really skinny though, so her mom is pushing food her way all day long (wish I had that problem!).

4) A text conversation between me and the hubby:

Me - "Sorry I've been in a bad mood lately."

Him - "What do you mean?? You're awesome. Love you."

Pretending not to notice my irritability: PRICELESS!

5) I got to spend time with my niece, Clare, recently. She could be the sweetest baby ever!
(When I have nieces and nephews this adorable, how could I not have baby fever?)


1) Maggie & Eamon have colds, but 'tis the season.

2) Speaking of seasons, tax season is officially underway. I will be working about 45 hours this week (that includes some at-home work and a Saturday at the office). Fun!

What were your highs and lows this week?


  1. OH yes, cute nieces and nephews for sure!!!
    YAY on that big dinner for low money!
    Hang in there with tax hours.
    Your hubby really knows how to "get points"!

  2. oops...forgot:

  3. Glad you get a kick out of our comments. Sorry, I just couldn't help but wonder and had to mention it :) I cannot imagine life without baby fever!!

    Good news that Abby is back home. Hopefully she is on the road toward complete recovery and can put the weight back on.

    Hope the kids get rid of their colds soon. Good luck with your busy tax season and the long hours!

  4. FRIENDLYS! I Wish we had one here. I loved the watermelon ice cream (I'm not sure I still would though!)and their reeses pieces sundaes when I was little... yum!
    Hope the sickies are feeling better with their colds. I'm just waiting for the next wind to blow through and for Darby to be sick again. Like you said "tis the season!" SO glad to hear your niece made it home from the hospital!

    Have a good weekend!

  5. Don't work too hard..if you can avoid it. that baby is yummy.

    my lo: I am sick.
    my hi: I know I will get better soon.
    have a nice weekend.

  6. I have GOT to remember to haul my family into Applebees for that special. What a deal!

  7. I wish we still had a friendly's by us. Yum. I hear ya...that baby is precious! Makes me want another one:) But we are done:(
    Sorry to hear that the kids have colds. Hope everyone is better soon.
    If you get a chance to stop by, I am having a giveaway at my blog & the 5 moms blog today.

  8. just to let you know i am totally impressed by number 1...

    have a great wkend


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