Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beware of Little Old Ladies

I try not to talk about work on my blog, because I want to keep a professional distance, but I just have to share this story.

Last week, this little old lady came in to have a meeting with me so that I could prepare her tax return. Her husband has a Private Investigation company, and I mentioned that it sounded like exciting work. She said her husband loves it because he's nosy, but she hated it.

I was surprised to hear that she also worked as a P.I. and she told me her husband made her deal with all the "problem" clients who would recognize him, but not her. SO she would have to sit in her car and spy on people and then sometimes go to their house to present them with a summons and a court date.

One day, she went to a house and knocked on the door and the man inside opened it (who would suspect anything from a sweet old lady?). When she stated why she was there, he said "You see that big fence? That's because I have a huge dog in the back, and if you don't get lost, I'm going to let him out". She calmly replied, "You see this purse? You let your dog loose and I'll take the gun out of it and shoot your dog in the head."

Ha! I laughed out loud at the thought of this elderly woman wielding a gun. Gosh, you just never know about people!

Note to self - prepare her taxes extremely well ;)