Friday, February 19, 2010

Hi Lo: February 19th


1) It was school vacation week around here, which means not only are all my kiddos home, but my hubby is too - YAY!

2) Aubrey is having her baby today! Go wish her luck here.

3) Phil and I got to go on a belated Valentine's Day date last night. We went out to dinner while my parents watched the kids. It was delicious and relaxing - thanks Mom & Dad :)

4) In Olympic highs - America is racking up the gold medals this week! It makes me so proud to watch these amazing athletes excel after devoting their whole life to a sport.

5) Had a couple of playdates for the kids this week. Oh, who am I kidding, the playdates are really for the moms ;)

6) We got Life Insurance (finally) since Phil has joined the Knights. This was something that really worried me when we did not have it, so I can sleep a little easier at night now.


1) After the stomach bug last weekend, I still do not feel 100%. I can't eat too much and I have no energy/strength to exercise. I'm hoping to see some improvement soon, because I NEED to be running.

2) Still working too much, but what else is new??

3) This "No Comments for Lent" is really hard, but I still feel I'm doing the right thing for my personal growth.

Hope you all are enjoying your weeks, and sticking to your Lenten goals :)