Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday John-Paul!

Well, my first-born turns 7 today...which must be a mistake since I am only 19 ;)

We went out to Friendly's Restaurant to celebrate last night, and we will have a big family birthday party on March 7th for John-Paul and his cousin Katie.

John-Paul around 20 months old being tickled by his cousins!

John-Paul warned me that he did NOT want the waitress to sing to him. I guess it's around seven that you start to get embarrassed about things like that! So although there was no singing, we did let him pick out the biggest sundae on the menu for dessert (and Andrew had to get it too!).

It just so happens that today is also MY birthday, and I am getting the second best birthday present ever (the first greatest present being John-Paul who arrived on my 24th birthday).

So what is this amazing present I am getting tonight? A HOUSE!! Yup, we are closing on the house tonight and will finally be homeowners!

Gosh Phil, how are you gonna outdo yourself next year? ;)