Friday, February 26, 2010

Hi Lo: February 26th


1) John-Paul and I celebrated our birthday together.

I got an itunes gift card, an Old Navy gift card, new sneakers, chocolate, a Mass offered for me, two shirts, a Willowtree figurine, a cookbook, a painting from my artist friend, and some nice cards (including one from Phil that read "Happy Birthday to my wife who's still got it...From your husband who still wants it!"). He always gets me cards like these - the nerve!! :) Is it any wonder why we have 4 kids?? ;)

John-Paul got Tae Kwon Do lessons, lots of chapter books, an origami kit, a watch, seeds to plant in the Spring, and some snack money (which he generously shared with his brothers). We had a great day!

2) We bought our first home! And since we were already renting it, there's no need to move, which makes it even better. The kids don't quite understand why we are so excited to buy a house we already live in - ha!

3) I ran 8 miles on Saturday morning. It felt great (when it was done!) and inspired me to finally register Phil and I for the Half Marathon on March 21st. Now it's official - we have to run it or we'll lose $75.

4) Got to go out with a bestie on Sunday night to celebrate turning 31. Fun!

5) Prayers have been answered for that request I made a couple weeks ago. Praise God!

6) LOST and 24 are getting so good!!!


1) Major computer glitches at work. These are not good ever, but especially frustrating during the busy season.

2) One of my Lenten sacrifices was trying not to eat after dinner, but somehow this week, I have completely forgot/didn't care about it. It doesn't help that we have ice cream and chocolate in the house during Lent (thanks, honey). Gotta get back on track.

I hope you are all having awesome weeks!