Friday, March 5, 2010

Hi Lo: March 5th


1) We have a sacrifice jar on our kitchen table for Lent. It is the best.thing.ever! I love it because it reminds me to make small sacrifices throughout the day, and better yet, because the kids go out of their way to be extra nice and helpful. We're trying to fill it up (with dried garbanzo beans) before Easter - not sure if we're gonna make it, I might need to lower the standards of what is considered "bean-worthy" :)

2) Eamon has been keeping his pull-up dry through the night all week. He's been potty trained since before he turned 3, and wears underwear all day. But, we still put him in the pull-ups at night so we're not changing sheets at 3 am. This month, he'll be 3.5 and I'm thinking maybe it's time for underwear 24 hours a day?!?!?

3) I try to give the boys a little money on Fridays so they can buy a treat at school. When I went to give it to John-Paul this morning, he said "No thanks", and when I asked why, he said "Because I would rather give it to the poor people." Sniff, sniff...that boy is seriously so sweet!!

4) Fr. Jay took Phil and I out to dinner on Saturday night to celebrate our birthdays (mine and Fr. Jay's). We went to a fancy restaurant, and my friend Marijanna babysat as a gift - free babysitting and dinner - what a TREAT!


1) I set my car alarm off at the post office, and could not figure out how to turn it off. I unlocked the doors, started the car, did it all again - no luck. After looking like a fool trying to steal my own minivan, I now know to push the panic button on my key twice. Phew!

2) Andrew had a poop so big this week that he clogged the toilet. (Sorry, Andrew you're gonna kill me for writing this when you're older). I grabbed the plunger and fixed the problem, but in the process I accidentally knocked over the toilet bowl brush. I didn't realize, and left the house for the day.

When I came home, I was like "Why does the whole house smell like urine?" and saw the gross spillage on the bathroom floor. I bleached everything, it was so gross.

Note to self - either buy disposable toilet brushes, or bleach out the one I have REGULARLY.

I hope you are all having great weeks!