Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Top Ten: Half-Marathon Edition

In ten days, Phil and I will be running the local half-marathon. Why? Well, because:

10) Obviously we are not busy enough trying to raise 4 young children, working 50 hours a week for Phil, 40 hours a week for me, and having meetings/giving talks/teaching CCD every week. SO we needed to fill up the rest of our free time with training ;)

9) It's a goal on my life bucket list, that I can not wait to check off.

8) While I don't think running long distance races all the time is good on a body, I do think occasional races and short distance runs are what the body is made to do.

7) Training not only means running, but also cross-training with weights, various cardio exercises, and eating healthier. It's been a great lesson on taking care of our bodies. And bonus - we have both lost about 20 pounds!

6) Running is such a mental sport. And it leaves us feeling so mentally healthy.

5) This local half-marathon is very popular, and we will be running with some of the past Biggest Loser contestants! I love that show!

4) It's nice to do things together - even if we usually have to train apart, we are still working for a common goal.

3) I just bought $90 running sneakers, and it would be a waste not to run a half-marathon in them ;)

2) Discipline in running leads to discipline in so many other areas of life - eating, sleeping, praying, patience, work, etc.

1) I can finally get a 13.1 sticker for my car. Yes, it's all about the bragging rights in the end :)