Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Full Moon Effect

On Tuesday night, the Catholic high school my husband teaches at had a fund raiser dinner at a local restaurant. He was working until 5:30 pm, so we decided I would bring the kids to the restaurant and get a table until he showed up.

Usually when we go to a restaurant with all the little ones, they are very well-behaved because: A) It's a rare treat

2) They get to eat junk/fried food and

C) We remind them over and over again that we are out in public, and they need to behave accordingly.

Well, they were awful from the moment we walked in the restaurant.
Maggie ran off in the opposite direction and the boys started fighting over seats. Mind you, I was by myself with the kids, and a TON of faculty & students from the high school were there to contribute to the fund raiser.
Once we were all seated, the boys started to make the light fixture swing and used their silverware like drumsticks on the table. Maggie literally started climbing the walls and whining about how hungry she was. I was so frazzled by their behavior and also REALLY embarrassed because we knew so many people around. Phil got there 10 minutes later (but it felt like hours) and was also shocked by their actions. We scolded, threatened and punished. And things calmed down a bit, but we told them we wouldn't be taking them out to eat any time soon.

When we got them home, showered, and to bed, we turned on the news and discovered that it was a full moon. Welp, that explains it. My kids are werewolves.

But seriously, my friend (and preschool teacher) has told me in the past that the preschool kids get extra rambunctious during the full moon. I thought she was a little nuts for thinking that way, but since then, I have seen her infinite wisdom.

What is it about the full moon and the crazy it brings out in kids? Have any of you noticed this phenomena? Or maybe I'm just trying to find an excuse for their otherwise inexcusable behavior. Help!


  1. Not your darling kids, Colleen...are you serious? I really just can't imagine them being rowdy, fighting, etc. :)

    And yes, we do notice this type of behavior at our house too. Similar stuff, combined with irregular sleeping habits/'needing' to sleep in our room, extensive crabbiness, etc. You are not alone.

    My mom also works at a clinic and she notices an increase in odd behaviors, diagnosis, temperment, etc. with the patients around full moon.

    So, I'd say the full moon effect is very believable!

  2. There ABSOLUTELY is a full moon effect, and thanks for pointing it out to me! No wonder the little ones have been driving me bonkers! Thanks for sharing your dinner story, make me feel more 'normal' now :)

  3. Yes! I've noticed it too! No more dinners out during a full moon ;)

  4. I am sorry to hear you had NOT such a good night out.
    I don't recall every paying attention to the moon phases...but it may be a real possibility.

  5. They also say a lot of babies are born during a full moon too!! It is totally true the OB floor was paaacked when I had Darby during a full moon and the nurses confirmed it when I asked!!

  6. Yes, yes, yes! The full moon effect is real, I am positive. I teach pre-school/k and we really can tell when there will be a full moon. It's so weird!

  7. i agree. my kids and HUSBAND act up during full moons. It's a joke in our house.

    Sometimes they are good in restaurants ad sometimes they are NOT good. I think the times I have been pregnant they were the worse since I was a bit tired and they picked up on that and used that opportunity to act up.

    We never go to Denny's anymore since about 2 years ago they were so so so so bad there and I said we will NEVER go there EVER again. It was that bad. Too bad for them since they all actually love Denny's.`Incidentally I was also pregnant and without dh and all the kids alone.


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