Friday, April 30, 2010

Hi Lo: April 30th


1) We had lots of family visitors last week.
Phil's brother, his wife, and their 5 kids (aged 7 and under) stayed with us from Sunday to Thursday and then Phil's sister, her hubby, and their baby boy came on Friday and stayed until Sunday afternoon.
They all live down in MD/PA area, so we don't get to see them much. Of course, my kids had a GREAT time playing with their cousins during their week off school, and the weather couldn't have been nicer. We went to the zoo twice, playgrounds, parks, a party, and the beach - fun!

(Watch out...they just might!)

2) Meeting my newest nephew Tommy (the baby boy I talked about above) for the first time! He was such a good baby, as long as Mom was nearby - that kid loves to eat :)
(John-Paul, Tommy, Andrew)

3) Getting pedicures with my sister-in-law. It was her first time out without the baby since she became a mother in January. Well deserved, indeed!

4) Happy Birthday to my brother Brian, who turned the big 4-0. We had a party for him with all my immediate family in attendance (which is 14 adults and 19 children) and the family from Phil's side that were visiting.


1) It's the last day of April already! Where did the month go? Come back April!

2) OK, I ate WAY too much over vacation week. And couldn't exercise as often as I normally do. Phil and I did manage to squeeze in two 7.5 mile runs together, which was nice. The scale is up about 3 pounds :(

3) The wood chips that were supposed to be delivered last week never showed up, so we ordered them from a different company and hope they come in next week.

4) Why do PMS symptoms and pregnancy symptoms start out the same way? I never know how the month is going to turn out....

What were your ups and downs of the week?


  1. What fun, family-filled days you and yours have been having!

    I hear you on the eating. Earlier this week I was absolutely ravenous and for nothing good either! I kicked myself in the pants and got back to better exercising habits. I'm using Wii Free Run to jog/run at home and have been doing about 2.6 miles. I know, nowhere near your length but it's pretty darn good for me! :)

    Just so you know, I had a dream with you in it last night. You and I were talking face to face no less, IRL, and you told me you were pregnant! I'm just sayin'.*wink*

    Happy Weekend Colleen!

  2. sounds like you guys have been busy.. having fun though!

    have a great wkend!!!

  3. Oh you leave me in suspense on your last sentence! =)

  4. OH got me on the #4 lo!!!!
    Looks like a lot of quality family time was spent. that is always nice.

  5. Man you left us all in suspense with that last one!! Now we are all dying to know how the month will turn out! ;o)

  6. I'm having a giveaway today at my blog if you can stop by.

  7. Family fun time...with family visitors too? That is the best.
    I love a good pedicure.
    Sorry the wood chips were not delivered. Hope you get them soon.


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