Friday, May 21, 2010

Hi Lo: May 21st


1) I lost my American Express credit card, prayed to St. Anthony ("Tony, Tony, come around...something's lost that can't be found"), and was getting ready to call and cancel the card when I found it! Right behind my license in my wallet - just one spot over from where it should have been - phew! And thanks Tony!

2) One of my bestest friends ever just got engaged!!! Congrats Sarah & Bill, we can't wait to hear the whole romantic story :)

3) The kids had an Ed. Fair at their school last night. They put on a show with hand bells, dancing and singing. My kids were too little to be involved, but it's so nice to see what they'll be like in a few years. We got to see all the hard work they have been doing in the classrooms. They are so disciplined and get so much accomplished academically, it's amazing! I love our Catholic school!!


1) Our anniversary was a dud. I don't know why I expect some miracle to happen - like maybe we'll be whisked away to Hawaii while someone watches our kids - because it never does. I need to get over myself and just realize that being happily married with 4 children is the best gift I can get!

How was your week? Any ups or downs?


  1. Sorry about your anniversary, if it's any consolation my last one was a dud too. I slaved over an anniversary meal that all 4 of us ate and my husband spent the evening towing his car to the repair shop after an 'easy' do-it-yourself-save-some-money car repair went wrong. Yup, eight months later I still remember...

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Our anniversary was a dud too. I think that's just the way it is when you have little ones. Yay for finding your card!! :)

  3. Thank you Tony! We actually had a very nice week! the sun was out and we were outside a lot! Hi's: running with my buddies and planting the garden with the kiddos. Lo's: allergies and sick child home from school on Wednesday : (

  4. Our anniversary is two days after Christmas, so it's always half-remembered/hardly celebrated. The best was two years ago when we were on our way to Shreveport & at a hotel that night with the kids. I did pack a bottle of wine though, so that was nice :) Glad you found your card!


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