Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Goal???

Do you all watch The Biggest Loser?

I am addicted to it, it's the only reality show I watch (oh, wait, I also watch So You Think You Can Dance). I love seeing overweight, lazy, unhealthy people with so much emotional baggage morph into fit, energetic, healthy people who are confident and happy. And they do it all in about 5 months, it's crazy!!

Well, this season, I have been particularly fond of Daris, because he seems like such a sweetheart who has never had a girlfriend, and is looking for love. Look at his transformation:

He has become known as the big runner on the show. He's run a 5k (3.1 miles) in less than 21 minutes, he has run on the treadmill at level 10, incline 10 for 2 minutes, and this past week on the show, he completed a marathon. And he didn't just finish the marathon...he smoked it!! He ran it in about 4 hours 2 minutes. Awesome!

Then, yesterday, I was driving behind a car that had a 26.2 sticker on it - and I told John-Paul that the sticker meant that person had run a marathon. And he asked me when I am going to run a whole marathon (he must think I'm wimpy for only running half of one!) And I asked him if he thought I could do it, to which he replied "Of course!" He is my biggest supporter :)

So it got me thinking, and seriously considering, running a marathon. I would want to run it when it's cool weather out, and relatively soon because I don't want to train forever. I found one in Newport, RI in October and I found an 18 week training schedule that looks reasonable and would start on June 13th. Phil wants to do it with me if I am ready.

Part of me realizes that this is a huge time commitment, would be an added stress on my to-do list, and is crazy (sorry to you real runners out there - but running for 4-5 hours straight IS crazy!).

But the other part of me thinks about how great it would be to complete a marathon, how limited my time is to do something like this (I'm getting older by the second, and could get pregnant at any time), and seriously - if those formerly obese people on The Biggest Loser can train for and complete a marathon in 5 months, then I can do it too.

Yes, I'm competitive, and yes, I'm goal-driven, and yes, I think I want to do it.

Just don't hold me to it yet, I have a lot of weeks of training to go before I decide if I'm ready :)


  1. I don't watch the Biggest Loser, but heard about this one. I am training for my first marathon this fall as well. I realize it is going to be a huge time commitment, but I am excited. My husband and family are very supportive, I am truly blessed!

  2. I am a huge Biggest Loser fan too!! I cannot miss it! Daris is my fave too, even if he did gain weight while at home. And, eventhough he should have lost some weight while at home . . . . I do know that distance running does taper weight loss (espically if you are used to high intensity cardio which just burns calories like crazy).

    Anyways, I say go for it!! I am registered for the Marine Corps Marathon in October. If I can keep my injuries in check, I will be running my first 26.2 at teh same time you are! It is a big time commitment, but so worth while! Watch the documentary Spirit of the Marathon (you can watch it free on HULU) . . . it will totally get you inspired and committed!

    Go for it Colleen!

  3. i like this show too..

    and i totally think that if you make your mind up to do this.. than you can w/out a doubt!

  4. Love the show too. I know some people who've trained for marathons-- huge undertaking. Good luck

  5. hi Colleen, don't get me started on the Biggest Loser Marathon...LOL :-)...i think it's GREAT that you are considering running a FULL marathon!!!!!! That's AWESOME!!!! woo hoo. The only bad thing i can think of is a good thing during the summer= HOT HOT HOT but it also = Phil is home, right? so it will be easier to run! you guys should totally run it together, that'd be so sweet! i recommend trying to find a group or a person to train with. Its MUCH easier when you have someone! Yes Phil will be great but what if you take turns so someone can watch the kids? i suggest finding a running buddy, i know a few ladies who might be a good match for you. another good thing about summer is that you can get up and run before the kids even wake up since it will be light out. Other bloggers will help keep u going and motivated. i see that we follow some similar running blogs. just let me know how i can be of help to you!!!

  6. I'm not a fan of BL, but I think it's awesome that you're gearing up to consider a marathon! Best of luck to you! And running a half marathon = AWESOME too. Don't forget that. :)

  7. You continue to amaze me, although I am not sure if you are encouraging me to be healthy or slowly trying to kill me ;). This is the time for us to train though. Having just run the half marathon means that we are more prepared than we ever have been. I guess I will have to see how the training goes this summer and if I can run long distance in the heat...

  8. I'm sure you can do it!!

    Having just completed my first 5k, I'm trying to get motivated to sign up for another 5k. If I ever did a 10k, I would be so proud of myself.

    (My reality show addiictions are Top Chef and The Amazing Race and American Idol!

  9. I don't watch any TV but 24 & occasionally American Idol when the kids have it on. But wow he looks good. I hate to run so kudos to whoever runs further than a block. I would have to give up my life if I was being chased by a bad guy...that is how much I hate running. LOL
    My dad still jogs daily at the age of 67. I didn't get his passion for that.
    I say go for it. That would be one more thing off your bucket list...right?

  10. Hi Colleen! Glad you stopped by my blog : ) My kids are 3, 5, 8, 12 and 15. The oldest is a boy, the rest are girls. When we remodeled our house, we added two extra sinks for the all of the chicas, lol! Hope you find some good running socks : )

  11. I *heart* the Biggest Loser!! I hardly miss an episode and I think I have watched EVERY season. Daris is a fav. of mine...he's so handsome! :)

    You go Mama! I'm pretty sure if anyone I know can do a marathon, you'd be that woman! Good luck if you do pursue it.

  12. Hey! I think you were driving behind me and saw MY sticker! I think you definitely MUST run a marathon and there's no better time to get started in your training than the present.
    Go for it, we're here for you!

  13. You should totally run it- or the half-- Newport is one of my most favorite places on earth. I get to go there in a few weeks, wahoo!!! A few of my former coworkers are planning to run the half marathon here in the fall and they are going to start training this summer- I don't have any idea how people train! I wouldn't be able to do it...


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