Friday, May 7, 2010

Hi Lo: May 7th


1) Today is the Mother's Day Tea with my son, Andrew's class. I am so excited, because it is the cutest.thing.ever! All the 4 & 5 year olds put on a little show and then we eat lunch together. I hope to get some good pictures in between all the tears (mine, not his)!

2) Yard work - not sure if this should be a low or a high, it's been a lot of hard work and late nights. I'll put it as a high because a huge chunk of it is done. See?

3) We have had BEAUTIFUL spring weather in the mid 70's this week. I told the kids that this must be the weather in Heaven, and they agreed.

4) Eamon (3) went on his first big field trip yesterday to a Children's Museum about an hour away. He LOVED it, especially the bus ride. (My poor, deprived children don't get to ride the bus to school, they have to get driven by their mom - oh, the horror!)

5) John-Paul had his 7 year old physical this week. He is 49 inches tall and 52 pounds. I'm not sure if that's big or small, he seems normal to me. It's amazing that my little pre-term baby has grown up so much!


1) When I was taking all 4 kids to J-P's doctor appt. this week, we saw a funeral procession pass by. There were a lot of police men and firemen in the procession, and I later found out it was a 19 year old soldier who had died. It gave the kids and I a great opportunity to talk about death and Heaven. At one point, as I was explaining that our bodies get buried, but our souls go to Heaven, Andrew piped up and said, "So only our bodies get buried? Not our faces?" Ha!

2) After hearing about the death of an American soldier - none of my small lows can really compare. God Bless him and his family (he had a 2 year old daughter).

What were your ups and downs this week?


  1. Ah shoot, I hate that Low :( My neighbor's son just left for Afghanistan, leaving behind two young boys - I pray for his safe keeping daily. The yard looks terrific!

  2. Losing anyone is so sad...and seeing these young soldiers giving their lives puts a lot of things in perspective.

    The yard looks wonderful and I would give my pinky toe for 70's type weather. I have to get done before 11 is already in the 90's!

    Tell Andrew, that I am NOT taking my face to the grave with me. :)

  3. You highs just sound so peacful and content this week. I too am one of those mom's tkaing pictures through the tears:)

    Prayers for all those fighting. Sigh. There really are no words.

  4. Wow, your yard looks great! The weather, when it's nicer, is always a high on my list :) Low is definitely work stress...ugh.

    Btw, I saw your sister at the graduation this weekend. Was one of your siblings graduating? It was sooooo cold!


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