Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why I Love the Name Evie

I used to love the show Out of This World when I was a kid. I thought Evie was so cool and gorgeous, and knew I wanted to name my future daughter after her.

When I was pregnant with Baby #4 and found out she was a girl, I knew I had to name her Margaret because that was the name of my grandmother who had recently passed away, and it also my mom's name and my middle name. I really wanted to pass the name along, and hoped one day to have another daughter so I could have an Evie.

In all the years since I have seen the show (it was on back in the late 80's) I have been thinking of names for a girl that could have Evie as a nickname. I've come up with Evelyn, Genevieve, Emily Veronica (E.V.), Niamh (pronounced Neeve - which Phil doesn't like), and just recently Everleigh/Everly (which Phil thinks is too cutesie).

I'm a bit obsessed with the name, it's weird. I hope one day I have another daughter to use it on!!

Do you have any names that you REALLY wanted to name your kids - and did - or haven't had the chance yet?

P.S. She actually has a daughter named Evie...lucky!!


  1. I always wanted an Alexandra, named after my Mom. My hubby only wanted to use the name as a middle name. Alexandra Marie was born in September!

  2. I always wanted a Joseph or a Joshua. It only took 8 babies to convince my darling husband that these were great names.

    I also really would love a Jane. We have both liked this name and it has come up every time but none of our girls have got it. I think since we are both 43 now that Joseph will probably be our last baby for us but I really would love to have a Jane one day. Maybe one of my Grandchildren will be Jane.

  3. Well, I'd admit that I have a bunch of baby names picked out, but I don't want to sound too weird! haha. Well, I think many women might understand that, but I don't tell Steve or else he'd think I'm weird for sure!

    I really want to name a girl Gianna though (which I know is getting popular amongst Catholics but I still love it)
    and I like Benedict for a boy (Ben for short).

  4. I'm a new follower :)

    My cousin has a daughter named Evalyn who we also call Evie.

    I love the name Carson for a girl after growing up watching "Shag: The Movie," but with the last name of Bailey, I'm afraid it would sound too much like "Carson Daily" who used to be on MTV.

    Hope you'll come by my blog for a visit and consider following! :)

  5. I hope I get to have a Finley Anne one day! How cute will 2 sisters named Darby and Finley be pal-ing around together?? Little Irish girls! We will see! :-)

    I'm with you. I LOVED that show. Not too long ago I googled it to see if it was out on dvd! No luck, boo!

    I'll be praying that your little Evie isn't too far off!

  6. i absolutely ADORE Everleigh/Everly.. they are both beautiful...

    do you ever read C JANE RUN... she just had a baby and named her Ever.. which i thought was totally cool..

    all i really want is little girls when i decide to start with the babies.. i only have one name picked so far... Anberlin, and then maybe for short call her Berlin.. different- but i like it

  7. I used to love that show too ;) When I was judging a pageant {long ago} there was a little girl who had entered, and she was absolutely adorable. Her name was Makenna, and I fell in love with the name. I knew I'd have a Makenna of my own one day. I definitely had to convince Jeremy, but in the end I won :)

  8. Gosh, I must be old . . . I do not know that show at all. Must have been after my time!

    I love the name Felicity! If I have a girl, I want to call her Felicity.

  9. I love the name Evie too, but I got it from the movie, The Mummy.

    I've always loved the name Rose, but Klayt just won't go for it. I just got done reading the Twilight saga and there is a girl character named Rosalie that I think is wonderful as well. But, I'm still not ready for a girl. I need a couple more boys first. =)

  10. I don't remember this show...perhaps I was already out and about each night like a crazy teenager!
    I love the name Evie. I also love Meredith. I tried with both my girls, but the husband just did not like it. Maybe I will have a granddaughter and they will let me name her????

  11. Ok why do I NOT know that show? Lol! Great post Colleen :) I named my Evie after The Mummy with Brendan Frasier - Rachel Weisz was Evelyn/Evie and Matt and I both loved it.

    In my mind, I was going to have 3 boys and name them Ethan, Ian and Ewan. I also liked Simon :) Matt was having none of that though - as you can perhaps tell as I didn't get any of them!

  12. My son's name is Everett, and we call him Evie for short. It wasn't planned, just happened. (I am not a fan of Rett.) Now, we just don't know how to spell it to look boyish ... Evee, Evie, Effie, etc.

  13. Don't forget Evangeline. I always wanted a Victoria (Torie) for short. I got her in 1987 and she graduates college next weekend!!


    Kim Chrisman

  14. You are my Sunshine! I'm giving out an award to you today on my blog...stop over when you can. Happy Mother's Day!


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