Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's Almost Bathing Suit Season...

...and I need your HELP!

We live close to the beach and go a couple times a week in the summer.

But beach = bathing suit.

And bathing suit = need to lose some Mommy pudge.

Any advice?

Just keep in mind, I don't really need exercise advice (unless there is some exercise that tones your belly like no other). What I really need is diet advice.

What do you eat to slim down? What keeps you feeling full?

What do you cut out?

Do you count calories, reduce carbs, lower fat intake, or what?

Have you tried any diet pills or supplements?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

My fellow beach-go-ers will thank you too :)


  1. crazy and I am not the picture of "diet advice"....BUT, I write a list (I am a list girl!) of dates, every few days, and a weight (reasonable) by each day and stick it in my bathroom drawer and I weigh only on those days and enter the actual weight! Also write what exactly you eat those couple weeks (so easy with 4 kids, haha!) I try to eat salads, fruit and veggies, beef broth (seasoned) and little bread for those weeks and LOTS of water! And I focus more on my daily walks those weeks! Works for getting a quick few pounds off! I need to be doing this right now!!!! Good Luck!

  2. Drink only water and tons of it. Eat more salads & snack on air popped popcorn. :) Those helped me when I was on weight watchers and lost 18 pounds in 6 weeks. I was also doing a 30 minute ABS class twice a week. My stomach was seriously hard. But that was then...LOL

  3. Zumba! hahahaha

    Well really though, it does help tone your abs with the different movements we do in it.

    Otherwise I'm no good with diet advice, I sadly don't eat very good right now! :(

  4. Oh girl, I am not the one to turn to for diet advice. I like food. A lot. I do enjoy my water, though. And fresh fruits and veggies. Yum!

    And seriously, look at how much your babies have grown in the last year! Oh my goodness.

  5. You don't have to publicly post this but pls don't mess with diet pills!! They change ur body's chemicals and mess with ur electrolites. U mostly lose water weight and they can kill u. A friend in high school lost a family friend to diet pills and the worst part is that her 3 year old daughter found her. She had a massive heart attack, she was in her 30s!!

  6. A couple of things. How much are you running? You would think that the more you run, the better, but it actually is not. I know several people (including myself), who once we started increasing our mileage, weight loss seemed to taper. Although I have never read anything scientific about it, I have heard too many people say it to be an anomaly.

    The best exercise for weight loss is high intensity cardio. You only have to do it for 20 min, but if you do interval, high intensity cardio, it reall burns those calories.

    Eating really is the key to weight loss if you are already exercising. I read that to lose weight you want to eat 10 cal per pound that you are. I have never counted calories, so I have not followed that, but I may try. I eat 5-6 small meals a day. I drink lots of water and eat tons of fresh fruit a veggies. I stay away from packaged prepared foods, snacks, etc. I was able to lose a bunch of weight that way. You can check this link out

    That is pretty much what I follow, except I do not use nutrition shakes much at all. Although, my family is hooked on a "green shake" that I make with bananas, kale, spinach and raisins. I know it sounds gross, but it is yummy!

    I know how you feel! We belong to the local pool and I really want to lose more weight before I put on that bathing suit too!

  7. Mom MartinMay 14, 2010

    Hi Colleen,
    No pills - please! I've tried supplements - they really don't work. What works for me is low carb. I did weight watchers and lost about 18 pounds, but it was hard, I was hungry all the time, and the weight came back as soon as I stopped counting point. I'm doing Atkins now and slowly it's coming back off. The P90X ab workout is good. You don't need much, girlfriend - you look amazing for a mommy of four and you should celebrate that.

  8. i don't give advice on dieting.. cause i ain't the best dieter.. lol

    but i totally wish you luck!

  9. I'll admit that I had to stop back here to read the comments. I read this post, but didn't feel I had much to contribute since my diet wavers so very much and I hop on and fall off the healthy wagon every few weeks! ha!

    But, I must add that what I've seen of you here, you are quite fit and healthy looking and I cannot imagine that you've got too much to lose. Good luck with it though. I know how difficult our bodies can be sometimes. Let us know if you find something amazing that works! :)

  10. Weight watchers, nutri-system etc. I've done a few of those and the common elements seem to be these....
    -planning your week ahead of time.(menu)
    -keeping track of what you eat(writing it down)
    -weighing yourself regularly
    -drinking water in abundance
    -portion control
    -lots of fruits and veggies (strive for five)

  11. What works best for me (when I stick to it) is calorie counting and planning what I'm going to eat that day in the morning - including coffee, snacks, a cookie at lunch.

    I'm trying to stick to 1500 calories & I measure the sugar/cream in my coffee - 1/2 tsp sugar, 1/2 TBSP half & half - 17.5 calories per mug) - A non-fat latte from Starbucks has 100 calories in it!

    Anyway - I'm buckling down this week and will have this smoothie
    either for breakfast or lunch; 300 calories for half of it (make sure to use protein without sucralose!) and then tuna on a big plate of salad greens & veggies for lunch. Dinner I try to keep to 400-500 calories, then a mug of warm milk at bedtime - with a Dove chocolate :) I know this works for me, if I stick to it. I also have a small 150 calorie snack (greek yogurt or apple/cheese stick) in the afternoon. And of course, being a former accountant, I keep all of this in Excel :)

    Good luck! The hardest part for me is 1) not snacking when the little kids do and 2) not finishing the food they leave on their plate - that's really hard for me :)

  12. I chew mint gum to keep my mouth fresh and to keep me from tempting m&m chocolates.


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