Friday, May 14, 2010

Hi Lo: May 14th


1) Borders is giving away a free book to kids under 12 who read 10 books this summer. I'm going to get John-Paul and Andrew to do this, what a great idea! (My mom used to make me read 100 books every summer for $ have it so much easier these days!)

2) Maggie was going for her nap today and said her baby doll was crying because she needed milk. I told her to go get her baby bottle and bring it upstairs, but she said "No, she doesn't want milk in a bottle...she wants milk from my belly"! And then she "nursed" her baby doll from her belly for a little while before they fell asleep together :)

3) Phil and my Dad took apart my leaky bathroom faucet and figured out the problem. Phil picked up the parts and fixed it himself. How do guys do that? I wouldn't even know where to start. Love it!

4) Happy Anniversary to my Mum & Dad who are celebrating 44 years together - so cute!


1) I'm considering leaving one of my clients. It's a stressful situation due to their lack of finances, and I get so anxious when I'm there. Plus, it is taking me away from the family a little too much, I'm missing t-ball games and Phil is missing church meetings, and it's far away from my house. But the people are very nice, and they appreciate my help, so I don't know how to quit on a good note.

2) J-P and Drew's first t-ball game of the season got rained out, and then rescheduled but the other team forfeited. We want a real game, people! Well, as real as t-ball can be ;)

What were your highs and lows from the week?

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