Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We're back....

....a lot earlier than expected.
Our vacation to North Conway, NH was interesting to say the least.
The Good:
~We got to take the kids to Storyland one afternoon and another full day
~We went on a family hike up to a waterfall
~No work and all play makes for some wonderful days
~We spent the last two days at home pretending we were still on vacation, and going to the beach both days :)
The Bad:
~On our first day in the house we rented, we found mice droppings on the floor and in the cabinets
~On our third night there, I saw something move under the couch. My brother-in-law flipped it over and two mice ran out! I freaked (as did my sister) and jumped up on the kitchen counter. I stayed there until Phil came back with mousetraps and planted them all over the house. We barely slept that night, and packed up and headed home the next day (which was 4 days too early). The kids were disappointed but handled it well.
~We are waiting to hear back from the lady we rented the house from regarding a refund. I want the whole amount back, but I'm not sure she wants to give it.
~Our friends who were supposed to come up on Monday never even got to go on vacation! How unfair to them, and we really missed out on spending time with them.
The Pictures:
~Coming soon....


  1. Ewww.. mice! That's a bummer your vacation had to be cut short! At least you got a little bit of quality time in!

  2. uuuggghhh.. i am so sorry your vacation was ruined...

    i really, really hope you get a refund.. cause you guys so def deserve...

  3. Rodents have a way of ruining a good time. :(

  4. Aw but mice are cute! Just think of them as small chinchillas. :)

    Although you should get your money back because a vacation house should not have mice in it.

  5. Oh man... what a bummer! You definitely deserve a refund... that is a horrible way to spend your vacation! I am glad to hear there were a few GOOD moments! :)

  6. Welcome back...Sorry it was a bust! Perhaps you will be able to travel again later this summer! Cathy


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