Thursday, July 1, 2010

Storyland Pictures

Let me start off by saying that we LOVE Storyland!! Our kids are at great ages to go, John-Paul not being too old to enjoy everything, and Maggie being big enough (36 inches) to go an every.single.ride!!
So without further ado, may I present our Storyland adventures for 2010:
Eamon is not too pleased to be posing for a picture when there are rides to be ridden!
Looks like Maggie has inherited my fear of clowns!
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall...with three little boys who were having a ball.

The first ride: A river raft ride that calmly floats along but gets you surprisingly wet. I was glad we put them in bathing suits for the day!

Do I look cool in my sunglasses, Mom?

Maggie was so great on all the rides. She wasn't scared at all!

Waiting in line at the "Polar Coaster" which is the biggest roller coaster ride at the park. We went on it quite a few times, and while the boys threw their arms up in delight, I was screaming!

Trying to get Maggie to smile for the luck!

But the boys know what to do! Here they are riding the train.

The whale ride. Phil had Maggie and Eamon in another whale, but the pictures were too blurry. I can NOT go on any ride that spins, I get way too sick, so Phil took them on all the spinny rides and I got to snap pictures.

Uncle Will and Lilly took Andrew on the Turtle Ride.

The rest of the crew went on another turtle, and I almost got sick just trying to watch them spin around!

On the second day of Storyland, we arrived 20 minutes before it opened, and took some pictures while waiting in line...

(did I mention we were first in line?)
First stop: Antique Cars!!

Andrew drove me and Maggie around.

John-Paul took cousin Lilly on a ride.

And Eamon was very excited to drive Daddy around!

Next up: Princess Cinderella's Castle!

First a ride on the Pumpkin Coach!

Maggie is enthralled with Cinderella...for about a second. Then she said "But where's Aurora???"

Poor Cinderelly, you won't win over this little girl's heart. Aurora's got it in the bag!

Random Pictures:

There once was an old woman (31 is old, right?) who lived in a shoe....

...she had so many children, she didn't know what to do! (she also didn't know what she'd ever do without them!)

We saw a little play, and took a picture on the stage before it started. On a side note, theater people make me feel awkward. I don't know what it is, I just get weirded out by them.
Another "spinny" ride with Daddy. I am feeling nauseous just looking at these pictures!

The Ball Place:

The place was crazy with balls! The boys didn't want to ever leave. I just don't get little boys fascination with balls...

....turns out big boys love them too!

Maggie and I will never understand, but we're happy that they're happy :)

The Ocean Floor play area:

The sign reads, "Coral climbing is for starfish ONLY. All others must stay on the ocean floor."
Too bad Maggie can't read!

This thing squirted water every minute, and soaked anyone around. Again, I'm thankful we put them in swimsuits for the day!Maggie kept running up and putting her face in here.
The Flying Barn. See my crew in the front left window?

Candy necklaces for all!! Then we went to the circus, although I have no pictures of that. The acts were very good, but carnies scare me even more than theater people!!
A long drive home after a fun day:

Phil and I kept laughing as we watched John-Paul and Andrew's heads bobbing all over the place as they slept. They even collided a few times, and didn't wake up! Must have been a truly exhausting adventure :)


  1. Great pictures! Looks like a good time!

  2. This looks like a fun it when they enjoy themselves into exhaustion!

  3. Oh my goodness that looks like SO much fun. I love the picture of them standing on the big footprints... so cute! And Maggie in the pie! Great photos. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all! :)

  4. wow, i feel like i was just there! wait, that was over 20 years ago!! looks like you guys had a blast! i want to go but i have to have a child to take bc ry and i would look weird going alone. looks like i wont be back for at least 8 years

  5. What an awesome place! We have something like that here. It will be fun to take our kids...but like you...I can spin, nor can I "drop". You've got a nice set up there with four kids....we'll have to bring a friend when we go b/c Daddy can't do rides either. :)

    What a fun fun day!

  6. we have a park like that here too. i love those types of places. storybook forest here. They have a few of the same exact things like that big shoe. cute pics.


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