Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bieber Fever

We watched the Macy's Fireworks special on TV last night with the kids (a few days after it aired live) and Justin Bieber was the first to perform. He sang "Baby, Baby, Baby" as he does in the video below:

Turns out my kids, who are ONLY allowed to watch PBS or wholesome videos at home, had a LOT to say about Justin Bieber.

John-Paul (7): "All the girls in my class love Justin Bieber and all the boys pretend to throw up. I pretend to throw up too even though I don't know him."

Andrew (5): "Why do all the girls like him?" (I try and explain that girls usually like guys that are talented and can sing.) and he quickly responds, "I better be a singer when I grow up!"
(Smart boy!)

Eamon (3): "Why does Justin Beaver sing like a girl?"
(I am not gonna explain puberty for at least a few more years...)

Maggie (2): "Does Justin Beaver look like a beaver?"

I guess around here we have Beaver Fever. Well actually, seems like we don't. Sorry Justin, when you've got Veggie Tales to compete with, it's a hard sell. I still think you're cute and talented in a little-boy-sort-of-way :)


  1. lol at Andrew. He will be a real lady charmer I am sure.

  2. Hysterical! Your kids are so darn cute (and innocent!). I'm pretty sure that's how mine would react as 'Beaver' fever here either! Ha!

  3. Your kids are so darn funny.
    Love this!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, that was too funny! Found you through a comment on Clover Lane (one of my faves!) excited to read your blog now too!

    Love from Kansas~

  5. i am lughing sooo hard.. you kids are so sweet and funny..!!

  6. Hahaha the Beaver comments are my favorite.

    I personally don't like Justin Bieber, I just think it's sad that a 16 year old is singing about love. Sorry, I doubt he knows what he's singing about, but it's about what sells ;)


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