Friday, July 9, 2010

Hi Lo: July 9th


1) Happy Birthday to my Dad!!
He turns 70 today, and with 6 children (all married) and 19 grandchildren, you can bet he was celebrated big time. We had a cookout on Sunday complete with delicious lobster rolls and birthday cake. Lookin' good Pops! (My Dad's on the left and his brother, Tom, is on the right. They both came to America from Ireland in their teens/early twenties and became builders.)

1) Exercising has been going really well. I'm not running any longer than 6 miles at a time, but I've been keeping up with my kickboxing classes, and adding in a toning class once a week. On my day off, I've been trying to walk with a friend. If only I could stop snacking at night!

2) I just booked flights and hotel reservations for one of my best friend's wedding in Indianapolis on 1/1/11. How great of a date is that?? And we'll be sleeping in a king bed...heavenly! If I'm not already pregnant by then, well let's just say I wouldn't be surprised if Baby #5 makes her debut on 10/1/11. And yes, it will be a girl :)

3) I love my husband. I love my kids.


1) This week has been so stinkin' hot in the North East:We're breaking heat wave records, and I'm not happy about it. I told Phil that my only requirement for my next house is central air. I better offer it up because there is one *place* that's definitely hotter!!

2) The lady who rented us the vacation house with mice in it says she is not required to refund us any money per the lease agreement. She is considering refunding us something because she empathizes with us.

What the heck??? We signed the lease expecting to rent a clean, rodent-free house and saved our hard-earned money only to have to leave 3 days early because of a mice-infested house? And she doesn't think she should give us a refund? We're going to keep on top of this. It's so unjust, and you know what they say about karma....

How was your week?


  1. Happy birthday to your Daddy!!!!
    After reading this, I must go exercise...thanks Colleen. :)
    My week is good, hoping for a quiet and relaxing weekend.

  2. eeeeeeeeeek! that mice pic gets me every time.. i really hope something good comes out of this...

    sounds like an awesome party for your dad.. great pic of them!

    have a lovely wkend!!

  3. Oh my HECK you should set up a new blog with that address and THAT PHOTO and see how many renters she finds! GAHHHHHH! I'd have left early too! I hope Karma comes and finds her...

    I so hear you on the snacking at night :) My wine habit gets me in trouble - I keep saying 'no wine tonight!' and before I know it the glass is in front of me, almost empty. Then I snack :) I'm trying to train for this half in Sept, but Betty the Bunion is being troublesome. Just trying to be very careful with it.

    Good luck with that baby girl you're wishing for! You are a better mom than I - I am very thankful to know our family is complete :)

    BTW, thanks for the comment about my addy on the package, fixed it up right after you mentioned it. Didn't even occur to me anyone would enlarge it!

  4. your dad has the irish look about him. happy birthday.

    i hope 5 is a girl too.

  5. happy birthday to your dad! he looks great!

  6. That makes me sick that you haven't received a refund! Happy Birthday to your Dad! What a sweet pic of him and his brother, and I love how celebrated he is surrounded by so much family.

    Fingers crossed for baby #5 and daughter #2 October 2011!!


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