Friday, July 2, 2010

Hi Lo: July 2nd


1) Maggie (age 2.5) has peed two times in the potty this week. She's also peed about 4 times on the floor, but let's focus on the positive!

2) The boys started the track club for the summer. They have practice every Monday and Wednesday night from 6-8 and then have two meets during the summer. I LOVE this program. They learn so much (javelin, shotput, discus, long jump, sprinting, hurdles, relays) and they start the kids as young as 3.

3) Speaking of track, John-Paul was talking to an older kid while stretching, so I went up to the kid and asked if he went to the same school as John-Paul. The kid said yes, and asked how I knew that. I told him I was John-Paul's mother and figured they must know each other from school. The kid was shocked and said I looked like one of the staff (which are all college kids)...I told him he was my new best friend :)

4) We brought the VW van into the shop twice this past week to get recalls and maintenance done. Normally this would be a low, but since everything was covered by the warranty, we didn't have to pay anything!!


1) We still haven't heard back from the lady we rented the vacation house from about refunding our money due to mice in the house.

2) While we were away, I didn't check our bank account because we had no online access, and we overdrew. I hate it when that happens!! The worst part is that we overdrew because money got transferred from our checking account to our savings account. They charged us $148 for 4 transactions that occurred while we had a negative balance. I called the bank to try and get them removed, but no luck. If we don't have enough money to keep our bank balance positive, how does taking SO much money out help? They are just keeping us negative longer. Ergh!


  1. NO way.....that house was in your vacation rental house? I think I would have had a heart attack! IT'S HUGE!

    Yeah for Maggie!

    Seeing your VW makes me miss mine...I just love the inside of VW's!

    Have a great 4th of July weekend!

  2. Saw your profile pic on Running with Babes.

    Yeah, for Maggie on starting to use the potty. We finally have #4 trained.

    Fun track work. Is there a program that they follow?

    Eww, I hope you get money back on your vacation house. Call the health department.

  3. Love your Hi's. Track for little kids? Awesome way to burn some energy.
    Not loving your Lo's...hope it all gets better.

  4. I love running pics! I would love to see that in person. It just looks so cute. :)

    Great job Maggie! It was 2 less times that she peed on the floor, right? Small successes, small successes.

    Hope you can get a refund from that place. Mice gross me out like none other :(

    Happy 4th of July weekend!!

  5. oh my gosh... MICE??? Yikes! I would have died!!
    I'll pray you get your money back...

    Looks like story land was a blast... I have fond memories of family vacations there when I was little.
    Happy 4th!

  6. I cannot stand the large fees banks charge when you overdraw.

    $148.00 is huge. I think they think if they charge a huge fee that you won't do it again.


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