Monday, August 16, 2010

Coming Soon

The Tale of a Second Grader
A young boy, growing up much too quickly, finds friendships and fun amidst the chaos of multiplication, division, and cursive.

A Day in the Life of a Kindergartner
This handsome man enters the world of academia, complete with uniforms and recess, while trying to keep the peace among the girls vying for his attention.

A Preschooler, Part 2
Same boy, same classroom, but watch how his role as the big brother helps this little guy blossom into the independent man he longs to be.

Too Cool for Preschool
With potty training behind her, this wee girl begins her journey into the world of elementary school, and leaves behind her parents who can't recall how she got to be so old, so fast.
One thing is for sure....they are all going to be blockbusters! :)


  1. so cute! i love it...
    oh and that last pic.. to die for!!!

  2. These are great get to watch them daily!!!

  3. You're so cute. This made me tear up just reading it. Precious moments are ahead and another year of great growth. Blockbuster, indeed.

  4. This post makes things seem a little more real!

    Very cute....they all have darling eyes! it hard to leave them at school?

  5. Will they all be at school? I'll have two at school full time this fall, and one in pre-school for a half day 3 x week. And of course, the little ones still home with me all day. Funny how having "ONLY" two at home all day will make things seem SO much quieter!

    PS. You were RIGHT about Andrew's eyes! Let's start planning the wedding NOW! :D

  6. Ha! They are all so adorable! You guys make the cutest kids, Colleen. You simply must have another ;)


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