Friday, August 13, 2010

Hi Lo: August 13th


1) We had a fun vacation in Maryland. The kids swam every single day!! The family of Phil's best friend from infancy lives on the same street as Phil's parents and has a pool, which they graciously let us use.

2) While were were visiting, we had a surprise 30th Birthday Party for Phil and Andrew (the best friend). Andrew turned 30 in June, and Phil will be 30 in October. It was a TON of fun, and Phil was completely shocked :)

3) I had the chance to go shopping for the day with my mom and no kids! The kids went to camp at their school for the day (Phil was also there, working) and my mom and I went to Mass and then a day at the outlets. I got so many great deals ($5 jeans!!) and bought shoes for the kids, and school clothes for Phil. My mom even treated me to lunch - it was awesome!

4) We had a little goodbye party at our house last night for our friend, Sean, who is going to Chicago soon to begin work on his Master's. He was the photography teacher at the high school where Phil works for the past few years, and he's super talented. He's also super funny, nice, young, and single ladies!! I am so sad that he's leaving, but happy for him to be pursuing his dreams.

5) God works in wondrous ways, and He does it through the people He places in our lives. Within a week we had someone give us a gift card to Borders and another one to Barnes & Nobles. Then another generous soul gave us a gift card to the grocery store. Totally out of the blue. God loves a generous giver, and we are so blessed to know these people!!


1) We have a high EEE Threat in the area, and all the beaches, parks and outdoor activities have been closed/cancelled in the evenings for about 2 weeks now, with no end in site until the first frost.

2) Track club was cancelled due to Lo #1. The kids are very disappointed :(

3) My friend, Laura, has been having contractions for days, but she's not in labor yet. All you moms know that really hard time at the end of pregnancy when you would do just about anything to get the baby out? Yeah, she's at that part. Pray for her!

4) Poor Andrew has swimmer's ear. He's in a lot of pain, but we have him on motrin and anti-fungal drops. No swimming for a week for him!

5) I went to sign on to my blog today, and it said it had been removed!! I just about had a heart attack, and then I checked my email and saw that someone had hacked into it and sent out messages to my contacts. I looked around a bit and found that someone from Greece had logged into my account. I have changed my passwords and am about to send gmail an email. This is so scary!

How was your week??


  1. I tried looking at your blog last night and it said it was removed, I was scared you decided to just take it down completely!

    Glad you got it figured out though!

  2. oh man!!
    number 5 IS SCARY!!!

    lemmie tell ya though.. i was so scared- ealier i clicked on your blog and it kept telling me it had been REMOVED.. and i was all "oh colleen!!!"... she just got so tired of the whole comment fiasco that she just left bloggland altogether... lol

    i was VERY worried though! glad you are getting it worked out...

    have a lovely wkend!!

  3. Sounds like you have had a good week. Sorry Andrew has swimmers ear... it is so painful!

  4. I noticed your blog was gone yesterday/this morning. I was trying to see what others had to say about your comments. Interseting. Have you decided anything?

    I took my feedjit thing off. Feels better already.

    I have yet to take comments off...not so sure.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I love all your Hi's, and don't like your lows. :0
    I have never heard of this EEE before and am shocked that is it not something we have had to deal with.
    ( we have the west nile virus issues from mosquitoes.)
    Someone hacked your account?? very scary, glad you were able to get it all figured out though.
    Have a great weekend!!!

  6. That sounds like a very fun vacation. And shopping with your mom too!!

    Bummed on your Lo's. #5 then would explain why I received the same message when I checked on your blog this morning. I immedietly sent you an email wondering what was up...but I'm guessing you didn't get that. I didn't get an email from Greece, but maybe it went in my Spam folder. Hopefully.

    Seriously hope you can get it all straightened out. Darn hackers! NOT a good way to start your Friday.

    My week was good. The highlight was probably that we have another new great-niece! She as born last Friday and thankfully, she lives just down the road so we've already gotten plenty of time to love on her. So sweet.

  7. Um, yeah... I went to read your blog yesterday and it said it had been removed. I was like, "NOOOOOOOooooooooooooo!!!!"

    I enjoy your blog so much- I thought you had left us or something terrible had happened. I was happy to see you had posted something today!

    I will definitely be praying for your friend that her baby comes soon!

  8. i also came back to figure you did and why it was removed yesterday..i got scared

    anyway, my 5 year had swimmers ear too and i gave him the drops etc but the dr never said not to let him swim when he had that so i guess i am stupid since i let my son keep on swimming. he's 5. it was 100 degrees, what can you do?

    but yeah no swimming for a week sounds logical i just didn't think of that. hope he gets better.

    have you noticed that its hard for me to comment without writing a novel? i think thats why i don't comment on here much since i don't want you think i am insane.

  9. Where were you in Md? (You know that's where I live.)BTW I am having some weird stuff with my blog too...haven't quite figured it out. I think I will change my password to see if that helps.


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