Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Tire Park

While we were down in Maryland, we went to a Tire Park. The "floor" is covered with pieces of recycled tires, and a lot of the play structures are made with tires as well.

What a great idea to reuse tires in this way!

Nana pushes our resident superstar in the swing.
Eamon hops right on the zip line thingie, and loves it!
John-Paul goes for a ride, and invites mom & dad to do the same.

Phil takes a try and stays on...

...and I completely fall off.

Good thing Andrew made the minimum age requirement!

King of the Hill

My knights protecting the castle.

Eamon getting his sugar-fix. Phil and I say he suffers from LBS (Low Blood Sugar) and needs to be fed every couple hours, or watch out!

Maggie hamming it up.

There was a nature trail that we "hiked".

And a small turtle pond and bird sanctuary at the end.
It was a cool place, and if anyone is in the Frederick, MD area, you should check it out!


  1. there are a few parks like that here too. looks like they had fun

  2. wow.. looks like a very cool place!

  3. This looks like so much fun...and a great use for those old tires!!!

  4. How fun! I love places like this to take our younger kids...and always look for any place FREE too.

  5. Looks like fun . . . and . . . we have traded places . . . I am in your home state!

  6. Oooh fun! It looks like your littles loved it! :) LBS . . . hmmm, maybe that's what Kam suffers from, 'cuz yeah, watch out! ;)

  7. We used to visit a tire park! They are so much fun.


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