Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Couple Days Late

Tuesday was Andrew, Eamon, and Maggie's 1st day of school.

Andrew started Kindergarten:

Eamon and Maggie are both in the same Preschool class:
So far, everyone is doing really well. Andrew is the model student (that's his M.O.) and Eamon and Maggie play together everyday (at least that's what they tell me). Maggie hasn't had any potty accidents (Yay!) but is also not napping (Not Yay!). Hopefully she'll adjust to napping with twenty or so preschoolers around her. She's used to her own room at home. Last night we put her to bed at 6pm and I had to wake her up at 6:50 am. Poor thing! But she was still excited to go to school :)

As for me, well I'm working 4 days a week now, and will have Fridays all to myself! It will feel so weird to not have any kids at home, but it will make grocery shopping and house cleaning go much more smoothly.
And for those of you interested, there are no babies on the way...yet.


  1. Oh my goodness... they get cuter by the day! Bless your sweet babies... and yes, I was wondering. ;) I'm ready to be pregnant again, and now have baby fever for myself and for all other bloggy friends too. :)

  2. yah for friday for you!!!!

    and btw- your kids are just GORGEOUS!!

  3. the picture of eamon and maggie holding hands is ADORABLE!

  4. Thumbs DOWN for no babies.
    Glad the kids are well...early bed times are good. Right?

  5. Such cute kiddies! I love the little gleam in Eamon's eyes in each picture and Maggie's dress and maryjanes are adorable. My little Sally dresses herself in those same kinds of outfits -- sometimes she looks like one of the kids in those little reading primer books from the '50s. :)

  6. Fun news! I came to read all about a couple days late, thought it was referring to, well ... the hint of a baby. ;)

  7. yet.....

    Sweet that Eamon & Maggie are in the same class. Will they be all the way through?

    Your littles are very very cute!

    nice to have your Fridays...great way to start the weekend!

  8. Yup, me had me with the post title!! So sneaky! :)

    The kids look so cute all ready for school. Having Friday's to yourself to catch up on things and do errands sounds fabulous. Enjoy!

  9. The kids look so cute all dolled up for school. What a big step for you that they're all in school now. The Fridays at home must be a big help. The biggest adjustment for me with homeschooling has been finding time to actually clean the house. So I started staying home Saturdays while the hubbie takes all the kids out for some fun!!!

    I thought the same thing as Sarah about the title, lol!

  10. I don't know what I'll do when I have no kids at home all day! But my goodness, yes! The house will stay so much cleaner!


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