Monday, September 13, 2010

Plymouth Rock or Plymouth Pebble

We took a little family field trip to Plymouth, MA about a week ago, and what a beautiful day it was! Here's the Mayflower:

My favorite people ever!!

A nice lady offered to take our picture.

Here we are at Plymouth Rock

The kids look at rock, and say "Is that it?"

Pretty disappointing. So's this picture actually. It does have 1620 imprinted on it, which is hard to make out with the sun glare.

The view above the rock - very nice.
Then we walked and played and found some ducks!

This generous grandma gave some of her bread to my kids so they could feed the ducks.

We got ice cream on the way home, and really had a great time together.
I know if I were a homeschooling mom, we would be doing way too many field trips and way too little schoolwork!

On the drive back home, the boys thanked us for taking them to Plymouth and Maggie said "Thanks for letting me feed the ducks!" Very sweet :)


  1. How cool! I love visiting historical sites like that :)

  2. great pics!
    and what an awesome fun trip it looks like!!

  3. Beautiful pictures! What a nice day!!!

  4. plymouth rock has got to make the top 5 on the list of world's biggest tourist traps! lol your pics are great! glad the weather was so nice

  5. What a fun outing.
    I am with Maggie...I love feeding the duckies myself!

  6. Just another thought: Hard to believe the Pilgrims landed there on December 20th, in winter!!!

  7. That's the real Mayflower, not a replica!? I didn't know it even existed yet; I assumed it had disintegrated one way or another (by human hands or the sea).

    Looks like a fun day! I am amused by the disappointment in Plymouth Rock. That's also DEFINITELY not what I pictured. I pictured this humongous Colorado sized boulder. :)

    How neat that you got to see all that stuff! Now come to Nebraska to see the Oregon Trail, a Pony Express Station, and the place where Wild Bill Hickock played his last game of cards. ;)


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