Friday, September 17, 2010

Hi Lo: September 17th


1) John-Paul and Andrew started their soccer seasons!! They both had their first game on Saturday and both won. Go teams!

2) School pictures were this week, and for the first time ever, I actually ordered an 8x10 for each kid. They looked so cute when they went to school, but you never know what they looked like in the photo until you get it back...we'll see!

3) I took Maggie to the ear doctor on Wed. because she keeps saying she can feel something in her ear. He said her tubes are slowly making their way into the ear canal, and that is probably what she feels. He didn't want to take them out because they were still in the ear drum and it would have hurt her. The "hi" part of this story is Maggie's behavior. She is such a great, polite, and talkative girl when I bring her somewhere like the doctor. I am always getting the highest compliments about her, and she makes me so proud!

4) I had my first Friday at home with all the kids in school, and it was great! I went to the gym for almost 2 hours, went to the grocery store, cleaned the house and made a nice big dinner. I wish I could be a SAHM every day!

5) This is a bit late, but my friends in real life, Laura and Jess each had their babies!

Here's me with Josh (Laura's second son):

And here's Mary Rose (their first baby!) getting kisses from her mom, Jess and dad, Dan:


1) Our schedule for after-school activities is crazy already. J-P has soccer academy on Mondays, practice on Weds, and games on Sats. He also has choir on Tues and will start violin on Wednesdays. Andrew had soccer practice and games on Saturday. And poor Eamon and Maggie just get dragged around to be the world's best cheerleaders!

2) Phil and I ate a whole bag of these on Wed night:

That's normal, right?

How was your week?


  1. love miss maggie and her little hat she's wearing!!

    happy friday!!!!!!

  2. That is hilarious. My husband and I LOVE the Cheddar Sour Cream Ruffles! A whole bag! Wow. :)

    Cute pics and my goodness you are busy!! It all sounds like FUN family stuff though, which is great!

  3. Chips for dinner is perfect. :)
    Yay for babies!!!
    Yay for Maggie, that girl is a champ.
    School pictures...part of our childhood that we can NOT escape.

  4. I think I know that baby in #5 :)

    I still love our blog and hope you're well!

  5. Hi all the way from sunny South Africa. I really enjoy reading your blog and feel like I now you and the rest of the family so well! Antony and I are are going to be the VERY proud godparents to Joshua, which means we will be in your neighbourhood in October. I would really like to meet you so if you are free we can arrange something. Love Yvette Duarte

  6. I could eat a whole bag of those ... with bacon-cheddar dip to which I've added horseradish. Boy, I've loved those chips since they first debuted. :)

    Oh, babies, babies! Those babies are CUTE! Well, at least the one I could see. I'm sure the other one is cute, too, judging from the way you're looking at him. Babies are so great. My three best friends are all pregnant right now--one is due in early November, one in mid-February, and one in early March. The best part? One of those babies is #4, one is #5, and one is #6!! When we all get together, we have 20 kids between the four of us. I love having Catholic friends.

    Sounds like you have very busy extracurricular time! Good luck keeping your head on straight!


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