Thursday, September 16, 2010

Of Men and Modesty

So I'm sure you've all heard about Ines Sainz, the Mexican reporter who got hooted and hollered at by the Jets football players in their locker room:
I'm not condoning any type of sexual harassment on the part of the players, but this is what she was wearing at the time of the incident:
And this is honestly one of the most conservative outfits I have seen her in when I researched her pictures on the internet.

Here's the thing, we are smart, strong, independent women who deserve and want to be respected as equals. Yet, we use the one thing we don't want men to abuse - our bodies - to get their attention. She dresses like this for a reason, to show off her many assets. She even refers to herself as "the hottest sports reporter in Mexico". So she can't be surprised when men notice exactly how hot she is.

I am not attacking the reporter in this story, because I think she knows what kind of image she portrays and is prepared to deal with the consequences of it. She wasn't the one who even complained about the incident, it was the other reporters in the locker room. Sainz herself said "In my opinion, I never felt attacked, nor that they reacted grossly toward me. I arrived in the locker room and there were comments and games. One of the other reporters came up to me and apologized for what was happening, but I thought [the players] were joking around."

I feel bad for the players involved because having a sexy female reporter in the locker room after a game is like holding a piece of chocolate cake in front of someone who is hungry and not expecting them to drool. God made it so that men are visually stimulated and gave them lots of testosterone to react sexually in order to populate the human race. That doesn't mean that men should just run around willy-nilly trying to impregnate any woman they can, and it certainly doesn't mean they should be disrespectful of God's greatest masterpiece, which is the female body. But ladies, how can we expect men to be respectful when we are showing them we don't respect ourselves enough to keep our bodies covered modestly and leave the risque outfits to the bedroom?

If we wanted to be treated professionally, we need to dress the part. If we want an advantage over men by using our bodies to get there, then we can't be shocked when they step up to the plate. Let's remember how hard it is for a good man to be chaste, and not make it any harder for them.


  1. Agreed....I could go on of course :) however I have a blog of my own to do that on! Have a great rest of the week!

  2. Um, wow. And here I'm thinking those jeans can't even be comfortable! How in the world does she get them on?!

    I totally agree with you here.

  3. i didn't even listen to that news story because that is exactly what i thought too before I saw the pictures and wow...she is more "chocolate" than i thought.

  4. ditto!!
    i sooo agree.. and wonderfully said by the way!!!

  5. I have seen several interviews with her. She doesn't seem to be upset at all by the attention she received, and chalks it up to normal male behavior. What does seem to have upset her is the other female reporter who was offended by the players response to the way she looked. she seemed shocked by American feminism but not by American men.

  6. Wow....I must live under a rock...I didn't even know who she was or the incident.

  7. I agree, I agree, I agree, I agree. That's all I can come up with. I AGREE.

  8. I have been following this story and have come to the conclusion that there are several idiots involved here. I won't name them, but here's my point...since when is it okay for women/girls to be in the mens/boys locker room? DUHHHHH! If a male reporter were to follow a team of women into their locker room when they were undressing and showering, etc...don't you think someone would be saying, "Uh you know where you are?" I have nothing against female sports reporters, but there should be a written rule (I can't believe I even have to say this)that the men stay out of the women's locker rooms and vice versa. Seems like a no brainer, but apparently not.

  9. Agree! And agree with Susan's comments.


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