Thursday, September 2, 2010

Now Everybody Poops in the Toilet!

(at least in our house, not sure about yours!)

Since Maggie will be starting preschool next week, we had to really focus on getting her poop-potty-trained. I made her this chart with a promise of a new backpack when she pooped 5 times on the potty:
(I know you're all jealous of my artistic skills!)

There were plenty of tears and threats of "bum medicine" (a children's suppository) if she needed help pooping. Don't worry, they were just threats, we knew she had to poop because she would ask for a diaper to poop in.
She also asked for a lot of privacy, which I thought was so cute, until I realized she was getting off the potty to play with my makeup - ugh, girls!
But, each day she would go and cross off one number on the chart.
Until, the day finally came when she could get her backpack!!

John-Paul helps her open it. The boys were so involved in helping to encourage Maggie everyday. Big brothers are great when it comes to potty talk :)

Of course, it had to be an L.L. Bean backpack with their lifetime warranties, cute designs and monograms. (Thanks Nana!!)

Immediately after posing for this picture, she went to fill up her backpack with two baby dolls, Princess Aurora, a fairy, and a pink Care Bear, you know, the necessities!

Then she complained it was too heavy - ugh, girls!


  1. Congratulations!!!! I hope she keeps at the potty-ing as well as the being 'adorable'!!!

  2. cute pics. I read over the past few posts too we have been super busy too and only catching up now.. Boy, maggie's hair has grown! It looks cute.

  3. LOL aw soo cute!! That is so sweet her brothers help by encouraging her. :) Did you check that she didn't cheat?

    Thanks for sharing! Oh, have you made a scrapbook on your children's progress like first day of school, etc? :)

  4. GOOOOOOO maggie!!!!
    and gooo you.. bet it makes your life easier!!

    btw- just wanted to say, i love maggie's name!

  5. Hooray!! Give Maggie a big {{hug}} and congrats from me! Nice job.
    She looks very sweet with her big girl backpack too :)


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