Thursday, November 4, 2010

Get Back on the Bike

My gym just recently added spinning classes.  I am not a bike rider.  I can ride a bike, and while I would enjoy a leisurely bike ride, I never thought of it as exercise.  Sure there's this:

But I always felt doing kickboxing or running was a much harder form of exercise.  Besides, even Lance runs:

Well, was I in for a shock.  Spinning = Torture!  We spent most of the class either sprinting up hills or in a standing position, I was sweating and tired by the end.  And my hamstrings, knees and hips have been killing me since. 

But the worst part is how sore my bum feels.  I asked the instructor after class if that was normal, and she said: "Oh yeah, you'll get used to it.  I can't even feel my bottom anymore." 

Ummmm, not sure that's quite the endorsement for spinning.

I'm hoping to fit spinning into my workout schedule at least once a week.  Not because I liked it, but because I believe you should constantly switch up the way you exercise - to get a better overall fitness level, to rest muscles, and to challenge your mind.


  1. The spinning classes look like total torture to me!!!
    Glad you got something out of it, aside from the sore bottom.

  2. I definitely believe in switching up my workout routine. Sometimes I'll walk up the stairs on the outside of each step. It exercises the inner thighs and keeps the babies from waking up from the squeaky steps. Or I'll stir the chocolate chips in with my left hand to work out that arm. Every bit counts, right? ;)

    (In all truth - If I could afford a gym membership, I would be there 2 hours ago working out. I miss the convenience of the gym)

  3. if you had consulted with ur personal fitness guru first, she would have warned you of the tourture. :-P some spin instructors are quacks,just make sure you always keep enough resistance on the bike and if you feel like you are boucning add a little more. and dont go too fast. yeah, spinning is a great workout! enjoy!!!

  4. yikes!!
    hope your bottom gets to feeling better.. lol

  5. You always are so inspiring with your workout routines Colleen. I'm always in awe of your commitment and energy!! You go Mama!
    I've often wondered about spinning classes. From what I've ever seen/heard, they sound like they would def. kick my butt...or perhaps just make me feel it a whole lot less :)
    One day when I get up the nerve, I'll have to try a class.

  6. I love spinning classes! Yay for you!

  7. Ha!! I do it occasionally at our gym. After the first class though it was so painful to sit down on a chair for almost 2 days!! I joined the bootcamp class at our gym. That is really hard but hopefully worth all the sweat and sore days.

  8. I used to do long distance cycling, but only got up to 34 miles at a go. I think for really good cyclers this isn't too much, but I remember when I began! even hurt to PEE! I know, TMI, but I had to put it out there to let you know that I commiserate & you're no wimp.

  9. I've never tried spinning but I've heard it's hard :) I do bike frequently-- or did during the spring/summer/fall. I actually just put my bike away for the winter because a) they are predicting snow for tomorrow and b) with the time change coming, there's no way biking will happen before or after work. Sadness!

  10. Spinning and bike riding are great exercise!!! When I was doing 30 miles on my bike just twice a week I was in great shape! After Finn is born and I'm done breastfeeding i'm def hopping back on it :-) oh and for the bum - cycling shorts! They are padded! But your instructor is right, sore bum just comes with the territory! Have fun!!!!

  11. I took my first spinning class about 3 or 4 weeks ago and I am completely hooked. The workout is more intense than I would ever push myself and really fun!


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