Monday, November 8, 2010

Things I Want to Remember

It's November 8th and we've got snow!!  Not a lot, but there was definitely snow on my car at 5:30 this morning, and some of the white stuff on the ground as well :) 

The way Eamon (4) says "Mama, I love you so much" randomly throughout the day.

How excited John-Paul (7) is to be able to write in cursive.  "I can write my whole name now!"

How mature Maggie's (2) vocabulary is.  And how much she feels the need to use it ;)  Yesterday, she said "Mama, this remote doesn't blong here.  It blongs on the dry sink."

Andrew (6) had his last soccer game this weekend and scored THREE goals!  And how everything he does since his birthday he announces as being the first time he's done it since turning six.  "This is my first apple when I'm six!"

Pictures of my soccer stars:

John-Paul scored a goal at his last game too!  These pictures are from two weeks ago:

OK, I think that's enough randomness for one day :)


  1. great pics!!!
    cannot believe you have snow already..!! it's chillier here.. but i think the high tomorrow is close to 80... lol

    happy happy monday!!!

  2. Those are great pics of the soccer game!

  3. What a cute topic today.
    I am going to start being like Andrew. "this is my first 'blah blah blah' since turning 43"
    I think he is a genius.

  4. Whoa, totally not ready for snow here yet. I am happy with the chilly November weather we've been having!

  5. Wow, snow already?! I think we're supposed to have quite a winter here, so we'll see. I love the "this is my first _____ since I turned six!" They're so excited to get older, I love it! Wish I still felt that way ;)


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