Thursday, March 10, 2011

I have nothing to say today

Imagine that?  Me, with nothing to say.  Phil's probably doing a happy dance right now.  I could write about my inexplicable craving for an English muffin with lots of butter, or talk about how my little girl has strep throat, or ask remind you that Kohl's is having an awesome sale, and with the coupon codes "love2shop" and "free4mvc" you can get 30% off and free shipping and $10 back on every $50 you spend. 

But I won't ;)

Instead, I'll let you know that for those of you wanting to learn more about NFP, please go read this article.  It explains the whole process as simply and compactly as I've ever heard, and gets into the nitty gritties for those needing more detail. 

{Please excuse this brief interruption and continue on with your day!}

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  1. I have a ? for you- I have a friend who is Catholic and very interested in using NFP. She's getting married in July and I'm the only one she knows who's even heard of NFP so she was asking me and I'm going to ask you- is there a book or website that you could direct her to to help her & her future dh learn more about it? They are taking a class as well but she was wondering... :)


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