Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Love My Kids

Gosh, I just love my kids so much!  I know I'm biased, but I just think they are the greatest little kids God has ever created.  Well, except Maggie.  Kidding!  She's just going through a phase (see header photo!)

We have talked a lot about Lent, and they wanted to give up something, so we came up with a plan after reading Therese's post.  The kids thought of ten different things to sacrifice, John-Paul wrote each one on a little piece of paper, and we put them in a hat.  Each morning, they will randomly pull one sacrifice out and follow it.  Today's was "Give up dessert". 

The rest include (I can't remember them all):

~ Eat our vegetables without complaining
~ Give up our show
~ Give up Wii and DS
~ Give up our snack money for the poor
~ Listen the first time to Mom and Dad
~ Clean our bedroom
~ Drink only water

I think this is an awesome way to get little kid's involved in Lenten sacrifices without it being too hard on them.  They came up with the ideas themself, and anyone can give up anything for one day, right?

Like I said, I love my kids!

And thanks, Therese for the great idea :)


  1. That is awesome. I also think your kids are amazing...(Maggie is spirited and it will pay off one day when she is President!!)

  2. Oh wow, that's awesome that your kids are participating in Lent too! I like the ideas :)

  3. lol the photo of Maggie is great.

    We had rice for lunch on Ash Wednesday and yesterday was drink only water. I found it really hard. Today is a hard one for the children. It is no television for a day. I think hubby will find it hard tonight too.


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