Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Imagination Movers on Tour!

The kids are on vacation this week.  That means they are around us all.day.long (how do you homeschooling moms do it?).  Although we try to be out of the house as much as possible (playgrounds, parks, running errands, walks, etc) we do have some downtime at home.  And the kids always ask to watch a video.  Since we don't get any "cool" channels with our basic cable plan, we rely on DVD's to let them watch some current shows they otherwise wouldn't be able to see.  Of course, we're VERY picky with what they watch, we only let them have one show per day and it has to hold their attention and not drive Phil or I crazy. 

A couple years ago, my sister Holly mentioned that her kids loved a group called The Imagination Movers.  She said they were a fun bunch of guys who solved problems and could actually sing and play instruments.  More importantly, she promised that they wouldn't make us want to poke our eyes and ears out with power tools. 

Well, I was skeptical because we had just completed the Wiggles era around here, and I didn't know how much more "singing guys" I could handle.  Lucky for us all, The Imagination Movers are WAAAAAYYYY better than the Wiggles (sorry Wiggles fans!).  All of our kids from age 8 down to 3 are still interested in watching the DVD we have, even though they've seen the same episodes numerous times.  They are that good! 

I found out from Katie's blog that The Imagination Movers were going on tour, and at the end of this week, The Imagination Movers are coming to Boston!!  So on Sat., Apr. 23, 2011 at 11:30 AM we will be at the Orpheum Theater listening to songs like this:

Catchy, right?  We haven't even told the kids yet, because they would be too excited!!  I can't wait to see their faces when they realize why we're driving to Boston.  Priceless!  Thank you Imagination Movers for providing wholesome entertainment for kids and their parents.


  1. My kids love their music!! They love the song "The Sensible Life of a Pirate!" We are taking the boys in May. I cannot wait to hear how your kids like the concert.

    And, homeschooling, you get so used to being around the kids all the time, that you actually cannot imagine them away. Plus, you are doing school, so you are kept BUSY.

  2. my kids love that show. it looks like a fun tour to go see with the family.

  3. fun!!! I wanted to see Madagascar when it was on tour in Prov last week. I hope vacation is going well! have fun and enjoy!!

  4. How exciting for the kids! I still remember my first big concert/show, except back in the day it was Raffi. I still have my Baby Beluga concert t-shirt. What a lovely Holy week treat!

  5. Sounds like fun! I bet the kids will LOVE it and be so surprised. Even my kids enjoy Imagination Movers and get a few good laughs each time they watch. They may be slightly jealous if they find out that the Martin family got to go, although they did watch the In Concert on tv a couple weeks ago. That's the same thing, right? lol.



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