Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I'm in a bad mood today.
Someone called me and Phil "awful parents" yesterday.

And she said we were "abusive to our children".

Want to know why?

Because I told her that we didn't lie to our kids about the Easter Bunny.

We celebrate the story of the Resurrection (ahem...the real meaning of Easter) and we gather with family to feast!  We also give our children baskets with candy and small gifts, and do an Easter Egg Hunt (or two) with their cousins. 

So, I'm not sure what exactly our kids are missing out on.  But in her mind, we are just awful parents because we don't say that the Easter Bunny comes hopping through our house, hiding eggs (why does a bunny have eggs, anyway?) and leaving gift baskets.  When our kids ask about the Easter Bunny, we just tell them it's a story...we don't make a big deal out of it at all.  We do the same with Santa, and our kids still talk about him like he's real.

Yup, we're "abusive" all right.


  1. You know you are not abusive and your kiddos are not missing out.

    Maybe she got defensive because in your statement, you accused her of lying? (because she does the Easter bunny)

    We women get so defensive don't we?

    We do the Easter bunny.
    Oh, oh. Are you mad at me?

  2. But my kiddos also know the real reason for Easter!!

  3. you are not awful parents at all. don't listen to that. i wish i could do half the good job you guys are doing with your kids.

    as for the easter bunny I never said either way real or not but Sofia tells me herself at the age of 3, mommy the easter bunny isn't real he is just a man in a costume. he's fake. Easter is about "church". You and daddy bring the

    I don't think it takes much figuring out to see that a giant stuffed bunny doesn't exist

  4. I don't think most of our family members are thrilled that we don't hype up Santa and the Easter bunny, but oh well, you can't make everyone happy. Plus our kids enjoy the holidays as much as anybody else AND they won't have to deal with any disappointment later on finding out they aren't real! So I would argue that it's more abusive to lie to your children for years on end for no good reason whatsoever. :)

  5. We don't do Santa or the Easter Bunny. I know very good Catholic families who do.

    I believe they CAN be done well such that the holy day is celebrated for the right reasons while children enjoy the visits from Santa or the Easter Bunny.

    I also believe it CAN be done horribly such that the reason for the holy day gets very lost.

    I really think it is up to each family to decide how they want to do it and no one has any business calling anyone abusive or a bad parent for making the best choice for their family on the matter.

    For me personally, I grew up along the lines that it was horribly done, so I didn't know how I could do it well, so we simply don't.

  6. Abusive? Oh give me a break. I am a die hard Santa fan, but really, both he and the Easter bunny are so downplayed here they aren't going to make or break a holiday either way. I was just laughing at myself about my meager Easter decorations...I have two tiny wooden bunnies on my window sill and that's it. I don't ever remember decorating for Easter when we were young...Lent was taken very seriously.
    You will like this little video...I found it hilarious.

  7. Oh brother . . . One last trial for Holy Week, I guess.

    And I guess this woman can count herself very fortunate to have lived a life in which she has never heard of anything truly abusive towards children. Because the Easter Bunny "story" doesn't even come close to rating on the abuse scale.

    And also, why on earth is how people handle Santa/ Easter Bunny within their families even a debate among people?

  8. Well, I'm another non-Easter bunny person, although I haven't had to deal with it yet.

    It's the same thing as Santa. I see it as lying and no need for it. But parents who do do it get defensive because you say they're lying. I guess to them it's just a fib, and fun, so that makes it less of a lie? I don't know.

    You can't please everyone.

  9. The nerve of some people. Sheesh, can't their criticism be put elsewere. Ugh. We're for the Easter Bunny, but we don't make a huge deal over him.

  10. Oh my goodness.. that IS rediculous! Growing up my mom did encourage Santa Claus but never the Easter Bunny. I guess Santa since Santa is inspired from a saint she thought it was OK. I never grew up thinking the Easter Bunny was real. Easter Bunnies freak me out anyways. But no matter what a parent decides they should never be judged on what they teach their children in regards to myths and legends. Ugh... some people!

  11. This is kind of funny....only because people have been asking my kids if they know who is coming. They don't really know much about the Easter Bunny but have learned that Jesus was nailed on the cross for each of us. The kids then ask where does the Easter bunny live. I have no idea....I said, "Ah, a bunny hole I guess". ???

    People are funny.

    Hope you are having a blessed Holy Week!

  12. oh my gosh, that is ridiculous! I grew up knowing the easter bunny was not real and I think I turned out just fine :). Plus, you are focusing on what easter is really all about so kudos to you!

  13. that's silly. I feel like a lot of people don't do the Easter bunny thing and it's not that big a deal. Maybe that person felt threatened or guilty by you bc she does the easter bunny but no church or religious aspect. She probably tried to tear you down to feel better about herself. Hope you are feeling better about this today.


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