Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three Going on Thirteen

While I was pregnant with Xander, Maggie kept asking me to paint her nails after seeing her cousins with theirs done.  I told her that when she became a BIG sister, I would paint her nails.  

Then once Xander was born, she decided she didn't want me to do it...not sure why.  However, two days ago, she asked for it, and so I obliged.  

We were also "gifted" with the hand-me-down necklaces and bracelets of an older cousin, and Maggie has been accessorizing daily!

She suddenly appears so much older :(

But then I see those chubby toddler fingers with the indented knuckles, and all is right again!


  1. I try to make sure I take pics of those little hands before the dimples are gone. :)

    Beautiful girl!

  2. Her fingers are is that HUGE smile on her face!!!! What a shiny and bright little girl in the middle of all those boys. :)

  3. for some reason.. she DOES look older.. but she is a doll!!

  4. Tell Miss Maggie not to grow up TOO fast...I'm not ready! :)
    Absolutely darling and those chubby hands with the little dimples made me melt....

  5. Aww... she is so sweet! Love the accessorizing! :)


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