Friday, September 16, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday - Volume 6

1) Guess who we're going to meet tomorrow??  
(picture stolen from her blog)
Yay!  I'll be sure to post about how it all went down later...

2) I lost 4 pounds in my first week on WW (I do realize that's only because it's the first week and a lot of water weight).  I've been hungry sometimes, but definitely feel better when I eat this healthy.  Phil's doing it with me and lost 5 pounds.  Darn men.

3) I went to my 6 week checkup (at 7 weeks) and everything is back to normal.  I wasn't even going to go, but the midwife's office called me to schedule it.  Yeah, I guess they are very thorough like that.  

The good news is that she told me I wouldn't have to come back in three months for all my yearly exams since I've always been fine.  Now I'm on the two year plan.  Woo-hoo!

4) Only two more weeks of being a SAHM and then it's back to work full-time!  Somebody please slow this clock down...

5) We found a very nice lady to take care of Xander.  She is the Aunt of two of Maggie and Eamon's classmates.  She currently only takes care of a 2 year old girl in her home, and so Xander will get plenty of attention and far less germs than a daycare.

6)  I am about to start reading this:

7) I am so excited for the new and returning TV shows to start!

We've recorded Up All Night to watch later,

and the new Jim Caviezel show looks interesting.

Of course, we can't wait for the return of The Office (will it be any good without Michael?)

 and The Middle,

and finally, Parks and Recreation.


  1. We like the same shows!!
    Phil lost 5 lbs?? He is really just a showoff you know. :)
    Wonderful news on Xander and his caregiver!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. my favorite is Parks & Rec. I laugh and laugh and it is exciting to see if Leslie and the guy (forget his name) are going to date! hooray for a good checkup. enjoy your last two weeks at home.

  3. Have fun meeting another blogger family!

    We watch the Office and can't wait to see who they get and also Parks and Recreation.

    That new Jim Caviezel show does look interesting,might have to DVR that one too.

    CONGRATS on losing that weight, you are doing super!!

    I told hubby with this baby I'm getting on Weight Watchers right away!

  4. My hubby and I watched Up All Night and it was pretty funny. Sometimes the pilot is funnier than the rest of the shows, so we'll see. The only problem is they are moving the time and I think it will be competing with The Middle, which is also one of my favorite shows. Thankfully my in-laws have DVR! I used to be a faithful Office watcher, but after Michael's last episode last season I stopped watching because Will Ferrel was driving me NUTS!

    Good job on Weight Watchers! I lost 5.5 lbs the first week... but I was also eating a bowl of ice cream everynight before bed! YIKES! I'm just 2.4 lbs away from GOAL!

    That's so awesome you get to meet another blogger. Bloggy meetups are so fun!

  5. Hey, that's me! Oh man, I'd better give the boys haircuts and everyone a bath tonight so they look respectable and such tomorrow.

    And is it wrong that I not only find Jim Caviezel horribly attractive and the fact that he's a faithful Catholic makes him even more so?

    See you tomorrow!

  6. woo-hoo on your pounds lost!!!
    hope you have a great wkend!!

  7. That other blogger family look cool! Fun to meet new people...especially us cool blogger people!

    Congrats on the weight loss! I eat too much downfall.

    YOU ARE SUPER MOM in my book. Best of luck going back to work and it sounds like Xander will be much loved.


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