Monday, September 19, 2011

The Family Meets the Clan

Back when I was pregnant with Maggie, Phil bought me two books on motherhood (by some Catholic author we had never heard of) and gave them to me for Mother's Day.  I was feeling very alone at that period, and having a hard time accepting that we were about to have four children in four years.  Phil was trying his best to assure me that it would all work out, and thought the books would give me a sense of peace and encouragement.  

They did exactly that, and more!  These were the books:

 I totally related to this woman named Danielle Bean, and was interested in reading more. I found out she had a website and when I went online to look at it, that was when I first heard of a "blog".  I found so much truth, humor and encouragement in her writing and I also discovered the world of blogging.  It took me until about 8 months later when I began writing this little blog.  And it has been such a wonderful means for me to not only keep our memories, but also meet new friends and find acceptance along our journey.

Enter Cari from Clan Donaldson.  I met Cari at The Mom's Day Away hosted by Faith and Family back in April.  She just strolled over to our table and asked to sit with us.  How great is that?!?  I would never have had the nerve to go to something like that by myself.  But Cari is not shy in the least.  She was so friendly and funny that I just had to start following her blog and learning about her family.  

We had emailed back and forth about getting together to let our families meet, since they are only 3 hours away, and had the opportunity to meet up yesterday in Plymouth while she was taking her kids on a homeschooling field trip.  (Her adorable daughter assured me that even grocery shopping is considered a field trip in their house!)

We met at a Mexican restaurant and the kids immediately hit it off (much to the restaurant's dismay!).  We got the chance to talk and laugh while the kids climbed on statues of Mexican men sat nicely and ate their dinners.  Afterwards, we went to a homemade ice cream shop and got some pictures of the kids all together (minus Alexander):

Cari's kids are so great.  They made me laugh and were so nice and friendly to our children.  John-Paul and Lotus decided to become pen pals, as did Andrew and Joaquin.  First thing this morning, J-P was writing a letter to Lotus.  Then he told me, while blushing  "Mom, I think she liked me".  Awww, a mom can only dream that one day he will like a girl as wonderful as Lotus!

Gabriel took Maggie for a ride...such a gentleman!

Eamon loved having so many boys close to his age.  You'd think he would be used to it!

The ice cream was so good, but Cari is doing some silly No Sugar Diet and didn't even have any.  What willpower!

This is Joaquin with Maggie.  He looks like such a tough guy with that mohawk but he was so so sweet.  He came right up to me when I met him and said "Awww, I like your baby.  And your hair.  And your shirt (even though I was wearing a jacket)".  What a smooth talker!

And here's the two world famous bloggers.  Ha!

And our better halves:
(Alexander's blanket was a gift from Liz...isn't it so cute?)

We took the kids to see Plymouth Pebble Rock:

This time, we remembered to bring our own bread to feed the ducks, and boy were they happy to see us!

My lovies (minus one sleeping baby in stroller):

It was a wonderful evening, and I wish we all lived closer.  

As corny as this sounds, I really am thankful for blogging, and the people it has allowed me to know.  You are all such inspirations to me and sources of comfort.  Thank you!


  1. oh Colleen, that is just wonderful. I have meet a couple of bloggers but I dream of the day I will travel to the States and meet many more.

  2. Oh, Colleen, what a nice way to start the week! I'm all gooby-eyed and cranky, and trying to get the kids ready to start the day, and I see this wonderful post! We're so thankful that we got to meet you guys, and can't wait to do it again! And I might even get off my dead butt today and post my account of the outing.

  3. fun! It looks like you all had a blast! Jealous :)

    I often wonder what our first meeting will look like one day. I think it will involve more than a 3 hour car trip. lol.

    Looking forward to 'one day'....

  4. I am also thankful for bloggers like you! AND the cute pics of kids and babies on your bloggy.

    Looks like a good time and the ducks are hopefully full.

  5. oh it looks like you had an amazing time!!!

    btw-- i'm back on blogger!!!

  6. Yes, yes, yes. There are days when I think that blogging is just...oh, I don't know...comments or affirmation or links or some such nonsense. And then I think about the people I've met and realize that no, it's much MUCH more.

    (And Danielle Bean was my first blogger too. :)

  7. What fun! I am still dreaming of the day that I get to meet up with a few of my absolute favorite bloggers {you included, my dear!}. Your little lovies are so cute, Colleen!

    And I'm so glad you're using the blankie :)


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