Friday, October 7, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Volume 9

So, I'm not a huge fan of breastfeeding, as I've said before.  It's a sacrifice of love and I do it because it's good for mom and baby and it's free.  But now that I'm pumping at work everyday, I am so tempted to just stop.  Pumping hurts, and it is slightly embarrassing and impractical to kick out my co-worker for 20 minutes twice a day so I can pump, and then when I go home and nurse that hurts because I'm sore from pumping.  I really want to try to make it as long as possible, but it seems the cons are outweighing the pros.  I think I just need some encouragement from moms who have pumped while working full-time.  Got any?

Other than the inconvenience of pumping, work is going very well.  I love being in this Catholic and friendly environment.  Phil walks by my office at least once a day to say hi...which makes all the office ladies smile.  My co-worker says Phil is getting his "sweetheart fix" :)

Xander seems to be adjusting to the nanny well.  She is still figuring him out and what/when he needs things.  When I'm home with him and he cries, I can just nurse him, but she obviously doesn't have that capability.  Lucky for her he LOVES his pacifier.


The boys ask every weekend to play their DS or Leapsters during rest time (while Maggie naps).  I have been giving in much more since Xander's birth, but they still only get about an hour on Sat and one on Sun.  How often do you let your kids play video games/Wii?


I lost 1.8 pounds this week!  I think it was only because I was able to exercise a lot.  But now I'm sick with a cold and haven't worked out since Sunday!

Sooooo, Phil and I caved in and let Maggie sleep in the same room as the boys.  She has been crying at bedtime  and saying she's scared to sleep in her room all by herself.  We tried to make her feel better by telling her that when Xander gets bigger, he will sleep with her. which worked for a few nights.  But then the crying continued and she just looked so pathetic, and I never wanted to sleep alone either, so I really felt bad for her.  Once she started waking up during the night having nightmares, we realized we needed sleep more than we needed to stick to our guns about her sleeping in her own room, and so we set her up to sleep in the boys room until Xander is ready to sleep with her.  She loves it and sleeps so well now.  I hope this doesn't come back to bite us.  Choose your battles, right?


  1. Definitely choose your battles and sleep (especially when you have a newborn AND you work!) trumps sticking to your guns any day!

    So glad work is going well for you.

  2. I pumped with Lotus. It didn't hurt, but it didn't yield very much. It was a pain, and I felt very guilty.

    But now, in hindsight, I realize that every bit of breastmilk is better than none, and you've given him all that colestrum, which is super fantastic awesome. Do what you can, and give the rest to God. Luckily, love isn't measured by how much breastmilk a baby is given.

  3. I read your post from last year about breastfeeding and hope no one makes you feel bad for doing what you do. We all do what works best for us. Why do women get so huffy about this?

    It's kind of funny.
    In my mom's time, they didn't encourage breastfeeding at all and gave her a pill to "dry her up" which is so funny. SO none of us kids were breastfed and we all turned out fine with no allergies or sicknesses.

    I, am one of those moms who loves breastfeeding. That doesn't mean that the nurses don't try to push and touch me and help me at the hospital to get the baby to latch on....I hate that, my milk comes in late, day 4 or 5 because of the c-sections, I'm usually in tears by the time I leave the hospital, because they are worried about weight loss in the baby and then my milk comes in and all is well, except for the so sore, toe clinching nipples that happens every time. That goes away and eventually baby gets used to nursing and it's all worth it.

    I like that I don't need to bring anything, just pop out the boob and feed my baby. Church, shopping, everything is easy...except finding places to nurse. (but with my last baby nursing covers helped a ton!)

    I won't be able to nurse this baby and it breaks my heart. I keep thinking about pumping all the time and having to pack will I go to the park? Will I have to bring a cooler all the time and how will I warm up the bottle when out somewhere? How will I have time to pump and feed all the time? I'm going crazy with thoughts like those.

    You are blessed, your baby is blessed, when it gets too hard and you are too stressed, do what is best for you!! Because if it's best for you, then it's best for that sweet baby!

    (for me, I have huge cahoonas and figured God gave me them for a reason, so hey, they are free, it started out like that, free is best)

    Video games:
    We do the same, one hour each day on weekends. Sometimes daddy will play Friday nights with the kids (he loves to play too) so that is extra.

    I've been trying to lay down with my 2 year old when she naps, because I'm so so tired, and been using cartoons to control the kids so this can happen, and feeling guilty, but preggers mamas need rest! I hate doing that, but we have to do what works, right?

  4. Breastfeeding is a hard one. I've been of the opinion that I don't like it, but I don't hate it. if you don't like it and it makes you miserable and sore, then stop. God will provide you with what you and baby need. Formula is the most horrible idea in the world and if you add a liquid multi-vitamin to it then he'll still get all his nutrients. He won't love you any less if you do stop. Good luck deciding and I hope your soreness gets better. =)

  5. I don't think pumping is supposed to hurt.. Perhaps you need larger flanges? They do make them. I'd look into it! Your nipple isn't supposed to rub against the side of the flange from what I've read.

  6. Having re-read your breastfeeding post ~ seems like 4 mo is your sweet spot, plus that will allow for the added immune protection of breastmilk as he adjusts to the nanny's house, and cold/flu season begins.

    I have pumped at work (though only part-time) and definitely give you huge props for making this wonderful sacrifice for your little one.

    Hope the new sleeping arrangement continues to work well.

  7. My 19mo. old told me to "sit down!" because she wanted to nurse. OH embarrassing. She like wants to nurse all the time.

    Do what works. Do not feel guilty. Every situation is whatever it is.

    Glad you let that little sweet pea sleep with her bros. My kids LOVE sharing a room with a sibling.

  8. Ah, yes, breastfeeding. You remember my comment from that other post? So, I won't re-share. Fortunately, I don't have a supply issue and can get enough for my baby and enough to freeze. The thing is that I'm not always that 'in to it' and don't last real long with nursing/pumping.

    I think I actually have less pain pumping than nursing. And, it just feels 'easier' for me. Since I've had issues with kids latching on, I've had to resort to pumping and it worked great.

    With Gianna, she actually was my best nurser but I struggled with it taking FOREVER each time for her to finish up. I eventually just went to pumping after a cracked nipple and an infection that made me feel like I was on my deathbed (and that's coming from someone who goes med-free for delivery!!).

    I'm sure you remember my email about the time that I was struggling with the breastfeeding last spring and the debate on whether to quit. When it just started not to work best for all of us and I was stressed and anxious over it all, I knew it was time to quit. In the long run, I always remind myself that whatever my kids get is better than nothing. And I have to rest in that and the decision I make.

    Ok, so I'm rambling..hopefully you can figure out what is right for you and Alexander and feel confident in that decision. Good luck!

    As for Maggie, I'd just choose my battles and deal with the rest later. When we first had Gianna home, Lily slept in our bedroom on the floor for weeks. Don't even remember why, but she felt safer there and at peace. And, she'd actually sleep then. At that point, it was just easier. Do what you've gotta do to get through. That's what I say!!!

  9. Hang in there with the pumping...I agree with Allison...I don't think it should hurt. Maybe you are trying to do it too fast, or you need bigger parts for the pump? Lactation specialists are great for those questions. It is hard, but you are the mom and know what you can handle. And for a selfish reason, you are burning a whole bunch more calories while nursing!

  10. My kids know that Monday through Thursday are "School Days" and no wii or iPod games are allowed. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are called "Game Days" which means they can ask permission to play wii or iPod games and we let them play based on good behavior, having cleaned up, etc. In the end, they might play for an hour a week or something like that. There is usually enough going on Friday - Sunday that they don't think about it much. What are video games when daddy and grandpa are home?

  11. Oh also, I don't really like breastfeeding either. I mean, I don't hate it, but I don't love it. I kind of look forward to when I can stop. I don't want to do formula just because I'm cheap. But I hate pumping more than breastfeeding. I don't know why, it just feels so odd to me. So I definitely give you huge props for pumping, I think that's more of a sacrifice in my opinion than breastfeeding.

  12. I agree with choosing your battles.
    I hated pumping and I only work part time. If it really isn't working for you maybe you can nurse when you are home and Xander can have formula when you are at work? I always told Jon that if I had to go back to work full time I wouldn't be pumping while I was there and I was amazed at anyone who did. I am a lazy breastfeeding mommy- part of the reason I breastfeed is because it is easy for me. =) Pumping is work and not something I enjoy at all. Don't feel bad for any choices that you make!
    As for the video games, I have no advice, my oldest is 5 and hasn't been introduced to them yet. We do limit tv to about 90 minutes (3 thirty minute sessions spread through the day)a day and most days it works well. I definitely was lax about it when Ben was born as well.

  13. I didn't realize I took nursing for granted with my first 2 until I was having so much trouble pumping for Joey. When he was first admitted to the hospital I pumped faithfully, certain I could just resume nursing when he came home. When he finally came home he had feeding issues and calorie requirements so I was pumping at home with 3 kids running around. During his second hospitalization, about 3 months old, my body quit. I would pump and pump and it would hurt and not produce much. (I never produce very much, but with nursing at least it's a natural stimulation to encourage more production, a problem I could not combat pumping.) Oh the mourning process I went tnrough to put away that pump and bust out the formula! But I told myself with confidence that I had given it my best shot, I had given him the best my body could offer, and that would be perfect enough for him. And you know what? I love nursing, but I let it go and he's certainly no worse off! I gave him those first few months of the very best natural nutrition, and God would be in charge of the rest.

    Not being a breastfeeding mom does not make you a bad mom. We get so wrapped up in the ideal image, but it doesn't change you as a parent one little bit. Like another commenter said, it's a good thing that love isn't measured in breastmilk. Give Xander the best you have to offer. Both breastfeeding and formula are sacrifices for your child, and like any other sacrifice God gives you the peace and grace associated with doing your best to follow Him.

    And I love having kids sleep together - all of them sleep so much better in the room with someone else. I don't blame Maggie at all. :) As soon as Joey can stop screaming we'll move him in with the girls, too!

  14. I never really had to pump because I've always stayed at home. But when Kam was born I pumped round the clock {because she was a preemie, and we had a system, lol!} I'm sorry I don't have much advice. I'll just say two things. If you are completely devoted to continuing breastfeeding, are you using Lanolin? Sometimes that can help. And, if you're not completely devoted to it, I'll just say, girl, you don't have to! You've given Mr. Xander a great start. You are a busy woman, and if it's going to be easier, more comfortable, and generally better for your over-all well-being to give him formula, do it!

    And regarding the sleep. Oh boy do I know! Kam still sleeps in our room. Most of the time she climbs into bed with Jeremy and me {and baby Taylor!}, and I wind up on the floor with Taylor. But Kam is the only one who doesn't have anyone to sleep with right now, and I feel sorry for her. So for now, she's with us! :)

    Don't feel guilt, mama! You're doing great!


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