Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Funny Girl

Since Alexander has been going to his babysitter's house, he comes home smelling like the Portuguese cuisine she cooks daily.  If anyone knows Portuguese food, you know that they use a lot of spices, thus creating some strong (but usually delicious) odors.

Maggie was giving Alexander a kiss and stated "He smells Chinese!"

She meant that he smelled like chinese food....and he did. 

Then this morning, she said while hopping off to school..."I'm going to tell all my teachers that Xander smells Chinese!"  I yelled after her "No, don't say that!!", knowing they would not understand the context, and think I was raising a racist little girl. 

I hope she heard me, but I wouldn't be surprised if I get a phone call or note sent home later.  Oh, my poor politically-incorrect daughter!


  1. Hee hee! I'm sure they will know EXACTLY what she means!

  2. She's so cute - and I would love it if my baby smelled like Chinese food, yum! ;)

    As an aside, we have friends whose son has a speech problem, and one day they got a call from the teacher. She said that A. kept telling her "My family doesn't like Mexicans." Our friends were horrified, and they had no idea where this was coming from. They went in to pick him up and it turns out he wasn't saying that at all. He was saying "My family doesn't like Michigan." His dad went to Michigan State, so they would always "boo" the University of Michigan for college football. Totally changed the conversation!! ;)

  3. Haha... gotta love what our kiddos say!

  4. That is funny. Motherhood can really be extremely humbling! Lol

  5. If you do, you should feign outrage and inform them that you've put your child in a cultural-immersion daycare center, and when your darling daughter says he smells Chinese, it is because of the rich, global-village experience he's been given, and shame- SHAME!- on the caller for slandering your darling daughter thusly.
    Then mutter something about being a Christian woman, and so you're going to forgive them, then hang up.

    That's what I'd do. But I don't have to maintain civil- or sane- relationships with very many non-blood people.

  6. HA! Sometimes the things that come out of my girls' mouthes . . . let's just say it makes me relieved that we homeschool, lol!

    So . . . how's it goin'? How is work? How's Mr. Xander doin'??

  7. hysterically laughing at that...oh kids have said so many similar stuff that elsewhere ppl would be offended. yes those odors do stick to clothes and all i can say is since we lived in CA for many years i know exactly what you mean since we lived in a very multi-culural area...alhough hysterical I find it a bit stomach churning too. brings back memories.


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