Thursday, November 10, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Volume 14

Well, tomorrow is the real 7 Quick Takes Friday, but since it's Veteran's Day and a holiday, I am doing my work today.  You're welcome.

1) We have company coming!  Phil's brother, his lovely wife, Larisa,  and their 5 adorable children (plus one on the way!) are driving up to visit us for the weekend. 
Larisa had just given birth to baby #5 in this picture, and I know she hates it...sorry! Sooooo, if you do the math, that means there will be 10 children aged 9 and under at our house (plus one in utero) for the next couple of days.  My kids can.not.wait!

2) What is up with my Patriots lately?  I think Tom is spending too much time in the sun with Giselle.

3) Prayer Request: for a sweet friend of mine who's 12 weeks pregnant and having complications.

4) Have you all discovered these:

They are so easy, so clean, and so tasty!  Plus you don't have to deal with giblets...whatever those are.

5) And I also must praise this brownie mix I just discovered:

I don't normally like mixes when I bake, but these are delicious!

6) This past weekend, I had to work at Open House for the high school, and there were balloons all around as decorations.  I brought home four for the kids, and you would have thought I'd brought them the moon.  They were so happy that I'm thinking of just getting them balloons for Christmas! ;)

7) Has anyone rented any good movies recently?  I feel out of the loop, and want to watch a good movie.

Have a great loooooong weekend!


  1. Those brownies are good. But I'm hard pressed to think of a time I've ever eaten a BAD brownie... for movies- shoot, we never watch movies anymore since they're usually so junky that I'm honestly angry at the end for having spent 2 hours of my life on it. Have you ever seen "Life is Beautiful"? It's old, you may have seen it, but it's still one of the best movies EV-RRRRRRRRR.

  2. The word giblets make my tummy queasy... ugh...

    Will definitely pray for your friend...

    Joe LOVES balloons, too!

    Great Quick Takes!

  3. We are very worried about the Patriots here too. I think his power was in his long hair and when he cut it his powers were gone too! :)

    Have fun with all those kiddos! Sounds like a very loud weekend.

  4. For Jonah this year, I'm seriously thinking of stuffing his stocking with Scotch tape, he loves (and uses) that stuff so much! Might as well get him something he really loves and needs :)

    Ok, so you make the brownies and I will be right over. Sound good? YUM.

    Enjoy your company this weekend. I bet it will be a blast. We are looking forward to the long weekend and love that daddy gets to be home with us for three whole days! Thankful that he's a government employee so we get extra days like these.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. We watched Thor and really liked it! It's a very clean (as in no cussing) movie and not too violent but some. Your older boys would probably like it. Clark liked watching it and now calls it "the hammer" show. The boys also saw Sesame Street presents "Follow that Bird" movie from the 90's I think and they really liked it. This is before Elmo took over everything. I don't remember if you had an opinion on the Twilight Saga, but those movies are good too (as well as the books)and part one of the final movie is coming out soon. I can't wait, but I'm not die hard. No midnight show for me. lol


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