Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wordfull Wednesday

Those lists from last week's pictures are finished (for now anyways!).

Maggie's Desires:
 (Baby, Princess, Dollhouse)

Eamon's Wishes:
 Scooter (already got it for his bday), Cape, DSi Game (he doesn't even have a DSi), watch, pillow pet

Andrew's Wants:
I think you can read his pretty clearly.  Except I have no idea what the last one is. 

And finally, my oldest and most materialistic boy:

Everything from marbles to a puppy.  That kid will be a great help to our economy one day.  In fact, he could run for President since he LOVES to spend other people's money!


  1. Could the last one on Andrew's list be "Doggie Door"? That's how I would translate it, given the weirdo phonetic rules my kids have invented.

  2. I absolutely love the lists. John Paul def. has his sights set high and I think he'd make a wonderful Catholic president one day :)

    Did I see iPod on one of the lists? Ah, kids in 2011....

    Good luck with shopping!

  3. hee the last line! Drum set is a must for your family...ROCK ON!!!

  4. haha! I second the puppy! They teach resposibility and are just so cute and fun.

  5. Haha... these are great!

  6. Those lists are AWESOME!!!!! I love it. And I nearly died when I saw John Paul's was 2 pages :)

    I just saw this link for one of your boys - a $20 remote control helicopter! Maybe it could take care of one of the boys?

  7. The last one on Andrew's list is Dagedar. My son just recently discovered them (I think they are new) and bought a couple with his own money. They are small balls with different designs on them. You can buy a track to go with them and race them down the track.
    Great lists by the way!


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