Friday, November 18, 2011

7 quick Takes: Volume 15

1) Last night I was giving Xander a bath before bed when I realized it was only the second time I had ever given him a bath.  And he gets one every night.  It was because Phil had taken the older three boys to swimming lessons and he is the bath-giver in the house normally.  It's amazing how much I can take for granted until it's gone.

2) Xander is the sweetest most easy-going baby we've had.  He interchangeably takes the bottle or breast, pacifier or his hand/thumb, sleeps wherever, smiles all the time, goes to whomever wants to hold him, and only gets fussy when I eat something he doesn't like.  He's awesome.

3)  Are y'all doing Black Friday shopping this year?  Normally I am all over the Black Friday experience but this year the thought of getting out of bed at 3 am is just not appealing.  I am excited that a lot of stores are opening up on Thursday night, so I might try to go out then.  Yes, part of me is upset that stores are opening on a holiday, and then the other part of me is looking forward to saving moolah and getting to sleep in the next morning.

4)  Maggie the monster is back and in full swing.  She better get this out of her system before she turns four in a couple weeks.

5)  Speaking of Maggie....guess what she is going to get for her birthday??  This:
and she already named her Rosemary Margaret, which is her name backwards :)

6)  Please offer up a prayer for another sister of mine who is in the hospital having surgery.  The Sweeney sisters are becoming a little too familiar with hospitals for my liking.

7) And just for fun, a video of the two resident dancers in the house and 3 month old Xander doing his favorite thing:


  1. That video was great!! Gotta get that song--what was it?

    My husband is always too afraid to give baths to the babes, because they get so slippery. Kind of cute, and funny. SO I always give baths.
    You are blessed!

    Don't feel guilty about the holiday thing, it's not a Holy day or anything!!! I think the midnight thing sounds much better than wee hours in the morning!

    I don't think I'm going though...I guess it depends on those ads!

    The past couple years, I've noticed that the sales are just as good a couple weeks later!

    Prayers for your sister.

  2. BA-HUMBUG...I am totally not one to go shopping. I HATE shopping. I have no idea what to get people or who likes what? I grew up with my dad and uncles and I am more of a tom-boy. Guys hate shopping right? Well that is me. I find it very boring and the last place on earth I want to be is in a store....sorry but that is ME!
    I am thankful for women who do my mom and find me nice stuff.
    Happy Shopping!
    That baby is so sweet.
    We have had that song for awhile on our ipod...which my husband bought...heehee.

  3. ps..praying here also for sis!

  4. I'm praying for your sister.

  5. You are sooooo lucky to have #5 be an easy baby. My number 5 is turning out to be the most difficult baby of all. Every day I have to remind myself that he is exactly the baby God has chosen for us.

    It's hard to tell in your header photo, but I think our baby's both share the red marks between the eyes. Neat!


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