Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's a Small World After All

After Alexander was born, Phil's parents came up to visit and attend the Baptism.  While they were hanging out at our house, they told us about some relatives that they had finally met a few months back at a funeral.  Those relatives lived somewhere in our state, and possibly even close by.  We thought that it was cool to have relatives from Phil's side of the family nearby even though we didn't know them.

What was even more interesting is that these relatives had just had their fourth baby, Sarah, on the same day that Alexander was born.  So now we had kids born on the same day!  It got more intriguing when Phil's parents found out that Baby Sarah was born in the same town as Alexander and also by a midwife.  We quickly realized that we must have given birth at the same hospital using the same midwife on the same night.

I also remembered that while I was in labor, I told the midwife to go check on her other patients since she had been with me for a while, and she told me that one of her patients was in early labor and the other patient was having her fourth baby and didn't want to be checked, since she might get discouraged if labor was moving slowly. 

When I gave birth to Alexander at 4:34am, the nurse began urging my midwife to go to the adjacent room because the woman about to have her fourth baby was ready to push.  My midwife stayed with me in order to finish up with all that post labor grossness, and the nurse was quite insistent that she better move quick.  As soon as she was done with me, she ran into the next room and caught that woman's fourth baby.  I remember feeling really bad for that poor lady who was waiting for my placenta to come out!

Fast forward three months to the weekend of the Baptism.  We were at Mass on Saturday night due to the Hurricane arriving the next morning, and Phil's mom looks over to see the relatives sitting in the next pew! 

At the end of Mass she introduces us all, and we find out they live in the same town we work in, and they attend the parish that we often frequent since it is so close to our house and has air conditioning!  I had seen them many, many times before and never realized that the husband was Phil's second cousin.  I was talking to the wife who told me that Sarah was born about 15 minutes after Alexander, and that she had heard me give birth.  Aaaahhh!  How embarrassing as I sort-of-kind-of lost it at the end of Alexander's labor! 

We also discovered that we both had a daughter named Maggie and a son named Andrew - how weird is that?  Now we see them all the time and stop to chat like we are old friends.  Sarah's mom just told me on Sunday that since Alexander and Sarah are third cousins, they could technically get married one day.  I love that she thinks just like me!  It's truly a small world after all :)


  1. Wow, that is a small world! But really cool, too!

  2. It's such a small world! I think the smallest world is the FUS! I'm always coming across someone who knows of Steubie or someone who knows of someone who went there... you get the idea :D

  3. that is such a crazy story! thanks for sharing!


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