Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Through the Months

Lots of snowy but fun-filled days.
We enjoyed the next six months doing "big kid" activities before baby was due to arrive.

We went on a long-awaited vacation to Disney World!  I love this picture because Maggie was having a moment ;)  
Also, John-Paul and I shared our birthdays while in Florida.  He turned 8 and I turned a year older.

Eamon celebrated his half-birthday on Gammy's real birthday with breakfast in bed.  
Can you tell how excited he was?

Lisa came up to visit and, along with my dear friend Anabela, we attended the Moms Day Away hosted by Faith and Family.  
It was awesome!

John-Paul received his First Communion.  
It was so beautiful and emotional.

This month brought lots and lots of baseball games and practices.  
John-Paul and Andrew played on the same team, and improved so much from the year before.

Alexander Blaise was born!  
He was worth every single contraction (a whole week's worth!)

Xander gets baptized, and John-Paul becomes an altar boy.  
What a holy month!

A new school year.  
J-P started 3rd grade, Andrew moved to 1st, Eamon began P-4, and Maggie went to P-3.  
Phil started his ninth year teaching high school theology.  
Eamon turned five!

I started my new job as the Catholic high school's Business Manager, which I love.  
Andrew turned 7 this month, and Phil turned 31!

All Saints Day costumes were recycled from the year before.  
A last minute trip to MD was planned to attend the funeral of our nieces, and celebrate Thanksgiving with Phil's family.

Maggie turned four on the 1st, and we had so much fun planning for and enjoying the Christmas season together as a family of seven.

2011 was such a great year, and I can only hope that 2012 will be just as wonderful.  We are blessed in so many ways, our family, our health, our faith, and our friends (including all my bloggy buddies!)  

Happy New Year!


  1. awesome post, what a year!

  2. What a wonderful year you've had!! Us too :)

  3. much good stuff to take in here. This will be a great scrapbook for you and the kids!
    Still, I have to say, the Disney picture is (hands down) my favorite photo ever!!! Maggie is something else!
    Happy new year to you and your sweet family.


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