Saturday, January 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday: Saturday Edition

1) Why is this post a day late?  Because I came down with that blasted stomach bug yesterday.  I basically rolled around in bed all day writhing in pain.  It was terrible.  And the headache and lower backache were so intense.  Thank God this morning I was feeling better and could start eating again.  Now we've all officially had it and hope we can skip anymore stomach bugs for the rest of the winter.  I detest vomiting.  And I have such empathy for women on bed rest - my sides were so sore!

2) I had been cleaning and bleaching like a madwoman since the virus entered our house, hoping to kill it in it's tracks, when I realized one night that all 6 of our toothbrushes were touching each other.  They all stand in the same holder, and I'm sure our germs are spread around a lot like that.  

I remembered reading a Danielle Bean post where she said she puts all the toothbrushes in the dishwasher at the end of every day before she starts it.  For a while I had been doing that but I got out of the habit.  Now that's it's cold season, I'm going to start again.  Does anyone have any other good tips for staying healthy?

3) Last weekend, Andrew and Maggie helped me make a Gingerbread Man.  This is the first ever gingerbread man/cookie/house/anything I have ever made, and the only reason we did it was because our neighbor gave us the pan and kit for a Christmas gift...and the kids wouldn't get off my back until we made it!

We used sugar cookie dough, and it turned out great. I gave each of my children with teeth (sorry Xander!) a limb, and Phil had some of the stomach, and then I ate the whole head.  The WHOLE head!  I am a disgusting cookie monster like that.

4) I just can't believe Xander will be turning 6 months old at the end of the month.   He is such a happy, chubby, easy-going, great-sleeping little guy.  Don't hate me for having the perfect baby ;)  We've done our fair share of high-maintenance babies to get to this one!

5) Well, I have basically skipped a whole week of half-marathon training due to my sick family.  But I'm hoping the small weight loss I had from not eating too much will make my workouts easier next week.  Even running 7 miles seems too am I ever going to run 13.1 again?

6) Do any of you use the Marquette Method?  We just started it and I think I am one of the unlucky women who will be using 20 tests each cycle.  Where's the cheapest place to buy them?

7) John-Paul and Andrew started their basketball season today.  It is amazing what a difference a year and some height make!  This is our easiest sports season as they are still in the pee-wee league and only have practices and games on Sat. morning about five minutes from our house.  Plus they are on the same team.  Next year, Eamon will be playing too and J-P will move up to the big leagues so that will get more difficult to plan.  
On the plus side, J-P and Andrew have said they don't want to play baseball this year, which means only Eamon will be playing.  We're taking these sports seasons one at a time and hoping the kids find their niche soon.  But I am glad we are exposing them to all sports and exercise now.  I would hate if they were the type of kids who just wanted to stay inside all day.

Have a great rest of your weekend!  Time to take down the Christmas decorations!


  1. I use at least 10 sticks a month, but I still like the Marquette method the best for myself. I get my sticks from Amazon. They usually sell a couple boxes together and we have Amazon Prime, so I get free 2 day shipping. I think the price is comparable (and often better) than other places.

    And so sorry you got the bug . . . I agree about the toothbrushes. I do everything in my power to keep people's toothbrushes clean. In fact, after a house wide illness I usually just throw the toothbrushes away and get new ones.

  2. If you find a cheap route on the sticks, please let me know. I probably use 5-6 a month, so not too bad, but cheaper is better!


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