Monday, January 23, 2012

Pro Patriots and Pro Life

Awesome but close game last night. 

Tommy Boy even threw an interception! 
(we still love you Brady)

 Phil questioned the validity of one of our touchdown calls, but thanks to the nerves of the Raven's kicker, who lost the opportunity to tie the game, we won!

I thought my family was going to have heart attacks from the stress (and all the great food).  But it was worth it because the Pats are going to the Superbowl!

Looks like it will be a rematch from four years ago:

Except this time WE are going to win! 

In a much more important note....

Please pray for the courageous men, women, and children who are marching in DC today protesting abortion and celebrating life!! 

We are with you in spirit:

Love each other, respect each other, be pro-life every day!


  1. Absolutely pro-life here.

    Pro-Patriots? Um, not so much. GIANTS, BABY!

    Rob grew up in NY, so my kids all root for the Giants during football season. (I get them for baseball and hockey.)

    Four years ago, I had just given birth to Bun and the Super Bowl was the day I came home from the hospital. We were exhausted, Bun was still in the NICU, and Rob was sure that the Giants would lose to the undefeated Patriots. Until he woke me up by shaking my shoulder and whisper-screaming: "The Giants win the Super Bowl! The Giants win the Super Bowl!"

    This year, we can't even believe they made the play-offs, let alone the Super Bowl. We're just having fun watching! :)

  2. I like them both but probably partial to giants.

    finally here is a link to my other blog. Its not really done yet but its started and up.

  3. Yup repeat of the last meeting...including the Giants' win :)
    Jersey girl born & bred...Gotta bELIeve!


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